What Are Doppelgängers?

Doppelgänger is German for double-goer. However, in many fiction stories, doppelgängers are people that look exactly like you, and they usually cause bad luck. They are thought to be paranormal beings.Even though these creatures are thought to be fiction, there are many people who believe they are real. In this blog post, I will be listing some of the most popular stories about doppelgängers.

Abraham Lincoln

In his time, Abe was very open about his belief in the paranormal. According to Abe himself, he had experienced paranormal activity. Abe claimed that the night before his election, he looked into his mirror to see that he had two faces. The second face was pale and ghost-like. He quickly moved back, startled with fear. The second face had disappeared. Then, he went back to the place he was standing, thinking he had simply seen something that wasn’t there, when it appeared again. In hopes of figuring out why he saw the doppelgänger, he moved around the mirror, looking from different angles. He was only able to see the face once more.

His wife believed that two faces meant Lincoln would be re-elected for two terms, but she also expected that the pale, near-dead face meant that he wouldn’t survive the re-election. Her prediction came true, as Lincoln did get re-elected, and he did die before the second term.

Abe Lincoln

Jonne Donne’s Doppelgänger

Although some people have doppelgängers that symbolize bad luck, Jonne Donne had a doppelgänger wasn’t going to cause him horrible luck. Jonne was in Paris. His wife was pregnant at the time. He had seen his wife, but when he walked up to her, he saw her holding a child. The scary part is, the doppelgänger appeared at the same moment his child was born.

Jonne Donne

Queen Elizabeth I

Not much is known about Queen Elizabeth’s doppelgänger. It is known that only hours before her death, she saw herself on lying on her own bed, pale-faced and nearly dead. Some speculate that the shock of seeing her doppelgänger killed her.

Emilie Sagée

This is one of the most famous cases of doppelgängers ever. Emilie was a French teacher. In the year 1846 many of her students noticed a ghostlike figure that would commonly repeat her actions. The doppelgänger would be moving around whilst Emilie was standing still, and it would stay still whilst Emilie moved around. When Emilie was sick, the doppelgänger would seem healthy.One day, Emilie was writing on her chalkboard. The students all witnessed as her doppelgänger walked into the class and repeated the action whilst standing directly next to her, yet the doppelgänger wasn’t using chalk.

Another time, her doppelgänger was both working in a garden outside, whilst the teacher was sitting in her class. Two brave students from the class went up to the teacher’s doppelgänger to try to speak to it. The students claimed that there was a strange resistance in the air around the doppelgänger. Emilie never saw her doppelgänger, but she always began to feel sick when the doppelgänger was near.

Emilie Sagee

Do you think doppelgängers are real? Have you ever seen a doppelgänger? Comment your response below!


50 Facts – Common Misconceptions

This is a sort of sequel to a blog I uploaded last week called 100 Facts. In this blog I will talk about 50 lies people still believe.

  1. The Earth doesn’t actually revolve around the sun. The Earth, Sun and every other planet is simply orbiting the centre of mass in our solar system.
  2. Different areas of your tongue don’t taste things differently.
  3. Giving kids sugar doesn’t make them hyper.
  4. Humans have more than the five senses everyone believes we are limited to. We actually have 21 senses (that we know of.)
  5. There is no such thing as the dark side of the moon.
  6. Caffeine doesn’t cause dehydration.
  7. Sunflowers don’t always face towards the sun.
  8. People use 100% of there brain, not 10%.
  9. Touching a bird doesn’t make it’s mother reject it. Mother birds will likely not notice it.
  10. You can’t make a bull mad by showing it something red. Bulls are only able to see blue and yellow.
  11. You don’t need to wait 30 minutes between eating and swimming. You wouldn’t drown, you would possibly have a slight stomach ache.
  12. If you dropped a penny off of the Empire State building, CN Tower, or even the Burj Khalifa, and it hit someone, they wouldn’t die.
  13. Shaving hair doesn’t make it grow back faster.
  14. Microwave radiation doesn’t cause cancer.
  15. Waking a sleepwalker doesn’t harm them.
  16. Albert Einstein never failed math.
  17. George Washington didn’t have wooden teeth. Although, he did have a set of teeth made out of gold.
  18. Gum doesn’t take 7 years to digest, because it never digests. It does still go through your body like normal food.
  19. Alcohol doesn’t kill brain cells.
  20. People are not have a left or right brain. “Left Brains” have the same ability to learn right handed tasks as “Right Brains”, and vice-versa.
  21. Fortune cookies weren’t invented in China, they were invented in America.
  22. Strawberries aren’t berries, however bananas, tomatoes, and watermelons are.
  23. Being close to the television doesn’t damage your eyes.
  24. Peanuts aren’t a type of nut.
  25. Lightning does strike the same places twice.
  26. Irregardless is a word, even though I strongly dislike it.
  27. If you cut an earthworm in half, it won’t turn into two earthworms. The front of the worm would live, and the back would die.
  28. There is no proof that drinking 8 glasses of water a day helps your body.
  29. Cracking your knuckles doesn’t give you arthritis.
  30. The five second rule isn’t real, germs spread instantly.
  31. Chameleons don’t change colour to blend in with their surroundings.
  32. Some scientists debate about carrots helping you see. However, almost all of them can agree that carrots don’t improve night vision.
  33. Touching a toad won’t give you warts.
  34. You don’t lose most of your heat through your head.  Wearing a hat outside doesn’t change the temperature of anything in your body except your head.
  35. Although most people try to eat as little as possible while they have a fever, it is better to eat.
  36. Full moons don’t effect peoples behaviour.
  37. Washing chicken before it is cooked is not beneficial. It doesn’t improve the chicken’s taste or cleanliness. It also causes bacteria from raw chicken to get in the sink.
  38. Brown eggs aren’t any healthier than white eggs.
  39. Seasons aren’t caused by Earth being closer or farther to the sun.
  40. The odds of winning a coin toss are 51-49, not 50-50. The side of the coin facing up before it is thrown has the 51% chance of winning.
  41. Clouds aren’t lightweight. They are actually extremely heavy.
  42. Subliminal messages (like backwards words in songs trying to convince you to do something) have been proven to be ineffective.
  43. House flies can live longer than the 24 hour life expectancy some people think is real.
  44. The average age of death was never 30 years old, even during the middle ages.
  45. Thomas Edison didn’t invent the light bulb. He helped develop the first practical light bulb.
  46. There is no such thing as photographic memory. It is physically impossible for anyone to have photographic memory throughout their entire life.
  47. Meteors aren’t hot when they hit Earth.
  48. Benjamin Franklin didn’t discover electricity, electricity was commonly known about during his time.
  49. Wired internet is much more protected than WiFi.
  50. The great wall of China isn’t visible from space.

Thanks for reading! Write your favourite myth-conception in the comments.

Alcatraz – Prison Escape


In this post, I will be telling you about the group that escaped Alcatraz successfully. There have been a total of 36 prisoners who attempted a total of 14 escapes, with 23 of these people being captured, and the rest either dead or part of the group that escaped.


Alcatraz was thought to be an inescapable prison. It was located on San Francisco Bay. It was extremely protected. Now, it has been abandoned, yet it is still open for tours.


There were a total of 3 people who successfully escaped in a group. They were Frank Morris, John Anglin, and Clarence Anglin. Frank was abandoned by his parents as a child. He was an orphan for many years of his life. Later, he was sent to jail because he committed car thefts and armed robberies. John and Clarence were born in a family of 14 children. Half of them were boys, and half were girls. They attempted to rob the Bank of Columbia, but they were sent to jail. After they escaped and were re-captured, they were sent to Alcatraz.

A man named Allan West helped them escape, but he did not go with them. He was never punished for his assistance in the escape. He was sent to Alcatraz after he made an unsuccessful escape attempt in Florida State Prison.


The escape took place during June of 1962. The escape took place on the night of June 11th and the morning of June 12th. The men had been planning their escape since December 1961.


Morris was in charge of the group. He had found old saw blades in the prisons grounds. They spent 6 months using the saws to expand the ventilation duct openings. The ducts eventually became big enough for the group to crawl through. They used random items they found lying around the prison to conceal their work. They were able to escape through the vent onto the roof. On the roof, they stored stolen materials to help them escape. They stole around fifty raincoats to make a raft and life preservers. They also built wooden paddles.

The last thing they built before they escaped was fake heads. Soap and toilet paper was combined to form the head shape. They then used their hair to make the heads more realistic. The heads were used with towels hidden underneath blankets. This was meant to trick the guards watching the group. The guards wouldn’t realise that the escapees weren’t in bed. On the night of the escape, they climbed through the opening in the vent, got onto the roof, and they climbed down 50 feet by sliding down a kitchen vent pipe. They managed to climb two 12 foot electric, barbed-wire fences, and they escaped in their raft through a blind spot in the shooting towers.


After the brilliant plan was executed, all of the criminals got away. They haven’t been found yet. Many people believe that the group simply drowned, but it has never been proven, despite the many investigations. What do you think happened to this group? Leave your answer in the comments! Thanks for reading, and make sure to leave a like!

Strange Christmas Traditions

Some of this information has already been mentioned in my previous blog 50 Facts – Christmas.

Christmas traditions differ depending on where you live. In this blog, I will be talking about what Christmas is like around the world.

Caganer (Spanish)


Caganer is part of nativity scenes in Spanish tradition. He appears in many nativity scenes, behind the animals, while wearing old fashioned Spanish clothing. He is seen doing ‘number 2’, and his name roughly translates to ‘pooper’. It is not commonly known where this character originated. Some people speculate that Caganer was added to make the scene more realistic, as someone must have needed to do their business during their time in Jesus’ manger.

Japan’s KFC (Japanese)

Although only 1% of Japanese people celebrate Christmas, everyone loves to order from KFC (A famous fast food restaurant that serves fried chicken. KFC stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken.) A famous KFC ad campaign is what started the Christmas tradition. Now in Japan, you have to order your ‘Christmas KFC’ two months before Christmas to even get a chance at eating it. If you didn’t order your food in advance, you can wait in a line that can take up to 15 hours!

Will The Goat Survive, or Will it be Burned? (Sweden)


In  Sweden, a town called Gävle spends their Christmas building, and sometimes destroying, this large straw goat. On December 1st, 1967, the giant straw goat was built. After only a few weeks, the goat was burned. Every year, the goat is rebuilt, and every year vandals attempt to burn it down. People have gone as far as to start betting on the goats survival. The vandals use new strategies to burn the goat each year, as the townsfolk attempt to stop them. In 2010, a guard was bribed with $7,000! Then, a helicopter took the goat to Stolkholm, where they planned to burn it. The goat was then stolen from the vandals, and returned to the town.

Last year in 2014, the town had roads closed so that traffic would flood onto the road were the goat was in sight. That way, the townsfolk could watch to make sure the goat wasn’t burnt. Guards were also brought in to help.

Many people outside of Gävle have been keeping watch over the goat, using his website which is available in multiple languages. You can also follow him on Twitter or Instagram!

Here is a video of the goat burning that was captured on film:




I hope you enjoyed reading. Do you think the goat will survive 2015? Write a comment, and make sure to like! Thanks for reading!

100 Mind Blowing Facts!

  1. High school students from 2015 have the same anxiety levels as insane asylum mental patients from 1950.
  2. It is impossible to tickle yourself. Go ahead, try it. Your mind knows that your trying to tickle yourself and doesn’t give you the same response.
  3. A cockroach can live many weeks without its head.
  4. Mosquitoes are the animal that has caused the most human deaths.
  5. It is possible to see the Milky Way from Earth, however light pollution makes it near impossible. In the 1990’s a power outage occurred in Los Angeles, and people saw the Milky Way for their first time.
  6. It is possible to have naturally purple eyes. It is because of a disorder called Alexandria’s Genesis. This disorder also causes for pale skin.
  7. If the population of China was arranged in a single file line, and they walked by you, the line would never end. This is because of China’s birth rates. People would be born faster than they could walk by you.
  8. First born children have been proven to have higher IQs than there siblings.
  9. People with higher IQs stay up later than most other people.
  10. The average amount of time it takes for people to fall asleep is 7 minutes.
  11. A type of jellyfish called the Turritopsis Nutricula can live forever.
  12. The weight of every ant on Earth is near the same as the weight of every human on Earth.
  13. There are more fake flamingos in the world then real ones.
  14. As humans we share 50% of our DNA with bananas.
  15. Every 2 minutes we have taken more pictures than in all of the 19th century.
  16. Surgeons who have played video games for three hours a week work 27% faster and makes 37% less mistakes.
  17. Bats aren’t actually blind. They have eyes and many of them have great night vision.
  18. Many people believe that blood is blue until it reaches air. This is false. Blood is red all the time.
  19. Sugar is more addictive than cocaine.
  20. You get smarter while you sleep.
  21. There are more possible combinations of chess pieces on a chess board then there are atoms in the known universe.
  22. Spiders don’t actually crawl into your mouth while you sleep.
  23. Two thirds of the people on Earth have never seen snow.
  24. Hummingbirds weigh less than pennies.
  25. A shadow’s weight is negative.
  26. In the average persons lifetime, they walk the distance of three times around the world.
  27. There is a man named Charles Osborne who had the hiccups for four years straight!
  28. Men are 650% more likely to be struck by lightning then women.
  29. Your nose and ears never stop growing, no matter how old you are.
  30. Coca Cola is green without its normal artificial colouring.
  31. It  would take 1,200,000 mosquitoes to drain all of an average persons blood.
  32. The richer you are, the longer you live, and yes this has been scientifically proven.
  33. When you urinate, some of the urine ends up in your mouth through saliva glands. Not to worry, urine is much cleaner than saliva anyway.
  34. In most castles, eating was the main thing people did to entertain themselves.
  35. The Dead Sea is a sea with extremely salty salt water. There is so much salt in this sea that you would die from drinking half of a cup. The salt water also allows you to float on the surface extremely easily making it challenging to touch the bottom. If you end up on your front, you will be unable to roll over and will likely drown.
  36. In Thailand a 6 hour clock is used.
  37. A jiffy is an actual measurement of time. It means a hundredth of a second.
  38. Month, orange, silver and purple have no rhymes in the English language.
  39. “umop apisdn” is the word upside down, upside down.
  40. Woman blink 2 times more than men.
  41. 13% of people actually believe the moon is made of cheese! (It isn’t…)
  42. Most chocolate bars have up to 8 insect legs in them.
  43. To save metal, anyone who won an Oscar during WW2 got one made of wood.
  44. Licking a stamp gains you a tenth of a calorie.
  45. If all the pizza eaten in the world today was put in a field, the field would have to be more than 18 acres
  46. If your stomach didn’t create a new layer of mucus every two weeks, it would digest itself.
  47. 12  babies have been given to incorrect parents every day. You might be one of them without knowing!
  48. One in ten people live on islands.
  49. Snails can sleep for three years straight.
  50. More than half of the movies in existence are rated R.
  51. By the time you enter grade one, you can recognise over 200 company logos.
  52. The average right handed person lives 9 years longer than the average left handed person.
  53. More people fear spiders than death.
  54. It is possible to bring a cow up a set of stairs, yet is near impossible to bring one down.
  55. You are 1.2% more likely to be born male.
  56. Your thigh bones are harder than concrete.
  57. The bible is not only the most sold book, but it is also the most shoplifted book.
  58. In China 1,800 cigarettes are smoked per year, per person.
  59. For every human, there are 100,000,000 insects.
  60. Everyone knows that you can’t scream in space, but you also can’t cry. The gravity stops tears from flowing.
  61. Duck quacks don’t echo and nobody knows why.
  62. Some snakes are born with two heads, and the heads often fight over food.
  63. You swallow up to 1.5 litres of urine while in a public swimming pool.
  64. In China there are crab vending machines.
  65. 10% of humans are currently alive.
  66. Every second 100 bolts of lightning hit Earth.
  67. Flea jumps are 20 times faster than space ship take offs.
  68. You will shed 40 pounds of skin in your life.
  69. One in every two thousand babies are born with a tooth.
  70. Every hour the universe expands by billions of miles.
  71. In Japan, there is eel flavoured ice cream.
  72. It has been scientifically proven that the best napping time is between 1:00 and 2:30 PM.
  73. While dinosaurs where around, most days were 23 hours.
  74. One in five adults think that aliens are hiding on Earth in clever human disguises,
  75. Only 38% of people eat breakfast.
  76. When you are near a black hole, time slows down. When you are inside a black hole time doesn’t pass at all.
  77. Neanderthals had bigger brains than us.
  78. There are just over 540,000 words in the English language.
  79. Apples are more efficient than caffeine when trying to wake yourself up in the morning.
  80. The average person drinks 600 sodas a year.
  81. The worlds hardest tongue-twister is “Sixth Sick Sheik’s Sixth Sheep’s Sick”
  82. It takes 63,000 trees to create a copy of the New York Times.
  83. When you are first born, you are colour-blind.
  84. Punctuation didn’t exist in English before the 15th century.
  85. If everyone in China jumped, they would send the Earth off its axis.
  86. A single pound of spider webs could stretch around the world.
  87. There are 150,000 people currently frozen, with the hopes that they can be revived later.
  88. In New Jersey, it is illegal to wear a bullet proof vest while committing a murder.
  89. It is better for you to leave your bed unmade, as bed bugs will live longer in made beds.
  90. One of twenty people are born with an extra rib.
  91. You can’t evenly fold a paper more than 7 times.
  92. One in 23 million people are allergic to water. Most of these peoples have to stay confined to there homes.
  93. In Dubai an indoor city is being built. The city has air conditioned side walks, a 8,000,000 square ft mall, and more! The city is called Mall of the World.
  94. The youngest person to ever be a pope was 11 years old.
  95. There is a chimp from a Russian zoo that became addicted to cigarettes and alcohol. The alcohol and cigarettes were given to him by visitors of the zoo. In 2010 the chimp was sent to rehab. Luckily, he has recovered.
  96. Each year, Burger King sells 950,000 pounds of bacon.
  97. Baseballs go faster in warm temperatures.
  98. 10% of  thunderstorms are considered severe.
  99. For every 1 chocolate bar eaten in China, 1000 are eaten in Britain.
  100. Your entire life has lead up to reading this fact..

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50 Facts – Christmas

I hope you enjoy:

  1. Some scientists have concluded that if there ever was a real red-nosed reindeer, it’s nose’s colour would have been caused by a parasitic infection in it’s respiratory system.
  2. 2 billion Christmas cards are sent every year from America!
  3. The two weeks before Christmas are the two weeks in which the most couple breakups happen on Facebook.
  4. Christmas trees were first used in the 16th Century!
  5. Santa used to be represented as a strong, muscular man, who was a symbol of punishments and discipline. He was also seen holding a large wooden rod.
  6. Christmas trees used to be decorated with apples.
  7. A sixth of all retail sales are for Christmas presents (in North America).
  8. The jolly version of Santa Clause we know today originated in a newspaper ad for a toy store.
  9. The song “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” was originally used to threaten people. The lower class sang this song loudly, until they were given alcohol.
  10. If Santa visited every home on Earth to deliver presents, he would have to move at a speed of 882 homes per second.
  11. The use of stockings originated from a strange Dutch tradition. On Christmas Eve, kids would leave their shoes outside, filled with food for the reindeers. Then Santa would fill the shoes with toys and candy.
  12. Fake upside down Christmas trees exist in some parts of the world. People use hem to fit more Christmas presents under the tree.
  13. All letters sent to Santa go to Santa Clause, Indiana.
  14. Horror stories used to be told on Christmas Eve, although the tradition died down in the past century.
  15. Watching Donald Duck cartoons on Christmas Eve is a popular Swedish tradition.
  16. Some famous Christmas songs like ‘Winter Wonderland’, ‘Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Campfire’, and ‘I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas’ were written by people who didn’t celebrate Christmas.
  17. On a Christmas during WWI, Germany and UK held a truce. They exchanged gifts with each other across no man’s land, and played football.
  18. Hitler attempted to turn Christmas into a non religious holiday, in which people celebrate ‘the coming of Hitler’. He wanted the star on top of Christmas trees to be replaced with swastika ornaments.
  19. In Japan, most people eat KFC for their Christmas dinner. In fact, KFC is so popular around this time, you have to order your dinner 2 months in advance.
  20. Mistletoe meant ‘dung twig’ in Old English.
  21. Jingle bells was the first song ever sung in space.
  22. In Finland, people don’t think Santa rides a sleigh, or that he has reindeer. They think Santa rides a goat!
  23. Jingle bells was intended to be a Thanksgiving song.
  24. Fake Christmas trees have been more popular than real ones since 1991.
  25. Nova Scotia is the place that exports the most Christmas trees.
  26. France gave USA the biggest Christmas present ever. It was the Statue of Liberty.
  27. One in three people celebrate Christmas.
  28. The most popular Christmas song is ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’, though the original writer is unknown.
  29. Christmas isn’t necessarily Jesus’s birthday. Historians don’t know the exact date Jesus was born because the bible doesn’t mention one.
  30. Seven out of ten dogs receive Christmas presents.
  31. Ukrainian Christmas trees are often decorated with fake spider webs.
  32. If time zones are a factor, Santa has up to 31 hours to deliver presents.
  33. During the Christmas season, Visa cards are used 5,340 times per minute.
  34. Four hundred thousand people get sick every year from expired  Christmas leftovers.
  35. Sears stores once put out an ad, with ‘Santa’s phone number’. Children were supposed to call the number and tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas. However, they accidentally made a typo, and the children ended up calling Colonel Shoup from the Colorado Springs Continental Air Force Command.
  36. Christmas celebrations were illegal in many countries, with the laws only being lifted last century.
  37. 28% of people re-gift presents.
  38. The world’s largest Christmas cracker is 45.72 meters long.
  39. In many parts of India, Christmas trees are decorated with bananas.
  40. Over 1,000,000 plots of land are used by Christmas tree farms.
  41. The most expensive Christmas tree ever sold cost  nearly 11 million dollars.
  42. The first artificial Christmas tree was made of goose feathers.
  43. One in ten presents will be broken before the New Year.
  44. Santa’s suit originates from a Coca Cola ad.
  45. Many church leaders in Boston tried to ban the song ‘I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause’ in the 1950s.
  46. Many zoos feed their animals donated Christmas trees.
  47. Rudolph and all the other reindeer must be female, as male reindeer shed their antlers in the winter.
  48. Santa has to visit 842,000,000 houses, and he has to travel at 4,796,250 miles per hour.
  49. Each Christmas tree can take up to 15 years to grow.
  50. Santa’s zip code is H0H 0H0.

Merry Christmas everyone, and thanks for reading! Comment your favourite Christmas fact.

Energy, Apocalypses, Space, and More!

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In this blog, I will be writing about different types of energy, how the energy types work, pros and cons of the energy type, pollution, and the future of energy. I will also be talking about possible apocalypses, space colonization and nuclear war.

Nuclear Energy

History of Nuclear Energy!

After World War Two, in the year 1945, nuclear energy seemed like it would be a great invention that would help humanity. Everything about this new form of generating power seemed amazing. Extremely cheap, near infinite energy was expected. Everyone was sure this would be available to the world by 1950.

Then, everyone learned the truth about nuclear energy. Nuclear energy was more expensive and complicated then people originally thought. On top of the large expense, the new nuclear companies had nowhere to get the money from. People had been worried about the risks, so they avoided investing.

However, in 1973, nuclear energy had a chance to improve. That year, a war in the Middle East, called the Yom Kippur War began. America was fighting against Arab, one of their main oil distributors. This caused a lack of energy from oil, which caused people resort to nuclear energy. With investments for nuclear energy picking up, people began to look for the most efficient nuclear reactor design. The light water reactor was chosen because it was low in price.

How do Light Water Reactors Work?

Light water reactors use heat from decaying radioactive material in a process called nuclear fission. A reactor core contains fuel and rods. The fission heats water and it turns into steam. The steam evaporates in a steam generator. This steam energy converts into rotary motion in a turbine generator, which then creates electricity.

Nuclear – The Advantages!

One of the major problems with generating electricity is its effect on the environment. Luckily, nuclear energy doesn’t emit air pollution. It also isolates all nuclear waste.

Another major advantage to using nuclear power is the low price. In fact nuclear energy is as little as half of the price of wind power. Although,

Nuclear – The Disadvantages!

There have been many disasters from nuclear energy. The Chernobyl accident caused 15,00 to 30,000 deaths. About 2.5 million people were dealing with radiation related health problems. In total nuclear energy has caused up to 600,000 deaths.

There are nuclear bombs that can destroy entire countries using this technology. Over 300,000 people have died from bombs used by North America.

Solar Power

The History of Solar Power!

In 1767 a man named Horace Benedict de Saussure created the first solar panel. In 1947 the solar panel became popular, after centuries were spent improving it. There was soon a large amount of demand for solar energy. In 2012, solar energy’s popularity grew again. Everyone thought that they were being eco-friendly, and that they would be helping the planet by using this energy.

How do Solar Panels Work?

Inside solar panels, light particles knock electrons out of atoms creating a flow of electricity. These solar panels are usually placed on your roof. When a house has solar panels on their roof, they usually also have another form of energy supplying their home, for extra power.

Advantages of Solar Panels!

Once you install solar panels, solar energy is free. You don’t need any fuel to use it. Solar panels also don’t cause pollution. (Although the factory the panels are made in may cause some pollution.) Nuclear energy will only last us up to 80 more years, while solar panels are a renewable energy source.

Disadvantages of Solar Panels!

Solar panel’s energy can only be used when it is bright and sunny. Even when it is bright and sunny, solar panels produce less than other sources of energy. You also need a very large plot of land for solar energy to be efficient.

Fossil Fuels

History of Fossil Fuels!

In the 18th century, people began to use fossil fuels. It became popular because coal was efficient in steam powered locomotives. Oil was also very efficient when creating energy. After it became popular, power use went up by near 300%.

How do We Use Coal to Create Power?

Coal is pulverized into a material called fine powder. The fine powder mixes with hot air and heats a boiler. The boiler contains water which turns into steam. The steam powers a turbine engine, which turns the heat energy from the coal into mechanical energy. Mechanical energy is energy that moves things into certain positions or motions. Mechanical energy is what makes trains move.

How do We Use Oil to Create Power?

Oil can be burned to heat a steam generator. Another option would be to burn the oil underneath pressure to produce exhaust gases. The exhaust gases power a turbine that generates electricity.

How do We Use Natural Gas to Create Power?

The natural gas is heated and the gas turns the turbine. The turbine then creates electricity.

Fossil Fuels Advantages!

Fossil fuels are a cheap way to create energy. It is also reliable because it doesn’t require specific conditions to generate energy, like solar and wind energy. Fossil fuels have also been used by humans for decades. We have made large amounts of progress towards making the use of fossil fuel energy efficient.

Fossil Fuel Disadvantages!

Fossil fuels are non-renewable, unsustainable, and they contribute to global warming. We will eventually run out of fossil fuels. It has been predicted that we will run out of coal, oil, and natural gas by 2088. There is also the problem of deaths caused by fossil fuels. Luckily, the death toll hasn’t been as large as nuclear energy’s.

Wind Power

History of Wind Power!

Windmills have existed from before 1000 A.D.  In 1970, gas prices grew, leaving many people to resort to wind power. Then, in 1980, the first large wind farm was created.

How do Windmills Work?

There are three long propeller-like blades that are around a rotor. The rotor connects to generator. The generator produces electricity.

Advantages of Using Windmills!

Windmills don’t pollute the air. Windmills use is increasing by 30% each year. Windmills also can be built on existing plots of land, making it easier to harvest energy.

Disadvantages of Windmills!

Wind isn’t blowing all the time, meaning that this source of energy is unreliable. Most windmills only work at 30% of their capacity. If wind is blowing too fast, windmills will likely break. Windmills are also extremely loud, and they require a lot of maintenance.

Wave Power

History of Wave Power!

In 1799, a design for a tidal plant was created to use waves to harness energy.  It wasn’t until 1910, that this technology was used to power a house. The same oil war that made people resort to nuclear energy, also left people trying to harness wave energy. After a few people experimented with different designs, waves were finally available to be used as a power source for commercial use in 2004.

How do Tidal Plants Produce Electricity?

Electricity generators float on top of the water. They are secured to the ocean floor with a wire. These generators take the energy that the wave uses, and turns it into electricity.

Advantages of Wave Power!

One of the best things about wave power, is that it is both eco-friendly and renewable. It’s also more efficient than fossil fuels. Maintenance costs are low, and tidal plants last for long times.

Disadvantages of Wave Power!

The initial cost to build a tidal plant is very high, and there are very few areas that can support these machines. Sea waves are also very unpredictable. There could be large waves that damage the tidal plant, or there could be no waves to power it. Tidal plants aren’t a complete invention, and they aren’t efficient for what they cost.

If you are living somewhere with a cold winter, the water could freeze, completely stopping the energy generation from the plant. These machines also effect wildlife, by disturbing the migration patterns of fish.

Geothermal Energy

History of Geothermal Energy!

In 1847, a man named William Bell Elliot found a valley near San Francisco, California. He discovered geysers, but he thought that he had found the gates to hell! Five years later, in 1852, the geysers were developed into a spa and hotel. The hotel was called The Geysers Resort Hotel.

In 1862, a man named Sam Brannan spent $500,000 investing in the hotel, so that he could make a large renovation. This helped the hotel become very famous. Soon, in 1864, people began to move near the hotel, due to the geyser’s natural heat. In 1892, people took more advantage of the geysers and used them to create the world’s first district heating system.

In 1927, a large hole was created to explore the geysers. In 1930, people took advantage of this hole to create the first geothermal energy producing device. Geothermal energy soon became a more popular source of energy, whilst it developed.

How do we Collect Geothermal Energy?

Geothermal energy is heat from underground. The heat from the Earth’s core (Which is estimated to be warmer than the sun.) is used to warm apartments, homes, business buildings, and more!

Advantages of Geothermal Energy!

Geothermal energy is renewable, and environmentally friendly. Geothermal plants don’t take up much space, also assisting the green use of the energy. Geothermal energy harvesting is reliable, unlike solar or wind energy which need specific conditions.

Disadvantages of Geothermal Energy!

Geothermal plants can have volcanic eruptions, causing risk to those who live nearby. Another risk to people’s lives would be the chance of deadly toxic gases being released into the air. Creation of geothermal plants also have a large price, due to the fact that there are few locations that the energy can be harvested from. On top of that, almost all of the energy sources are miles away from highly populated areas, where it is most needed.

What Energy is the Best?

This can be a very opinion based question. I personally think that nuclear energy is the best energy for now. Since it is non-renewable, it will only last us up to 200 more years. I think that by then, wave power will have had enough time to develop itself into a more efficient power source.

Ecological Footprint

Your ecological footprint is the measurement of the amount of Earths that would be required if everyone lived your life. The average person requires 1.5 Earths. Your ecological footprint is measured by certain types of surveys. The surveys question you about the types of energy you use, how often you drive, how large your home is, and more.

Space Colonization

You may be thinking “So, if my ecological footprint tells everyone we need 1.5 planets to sustain our needs, why have we not lost our planet yet?” It’s going to happen soon. It is expected global warming will kill us by 2024. Humanity would likely be able to stop this catastrophe, if we had worked on it earlier. When the idea of global warming first emerged, rather than doing something about it, most people ignored it. The idea of global warming is still ignored by some people. At this point, one of Humanity’s multiple final options is space colonization.

Space colonization is the idea of making other planets habitable and colonizing them. It is also a very likely option for us to use to save ourselves from global warming. I know, space colonization won’t exist for years and currently sounds like science fiction. It is still possible for us to delay global warming to the time it is possible. Becoming green, or eco-friendly, is probably our best bet. If we can stretch the Earth’s resources to 2030, we will likely be able to achieve space colonization.

The Russian government plans to have the moon habitable by 2030, and they plan to have many people living there. The process will begin in 2016. If humans survive the next (approximately) 20 years, most of us will likely be living in space.

Electric Cars

The best environment friendly automobile is the electric car. Electricity powered cars are a very great invention. Not only that, but you can save on gasoline! These cars even have the same safety precautions as normal cars. Electric cars aren’t noisy, and don’t require much maintenance.

Still, technology isn’t perfect. There aren’t any electric car fuelling stations yet, and even when the car is fully charged, it is only able to drive 50-100 miles. It takes 4-6 hours to recharge these cars. These cars usually only have 2 seats.

Self-Driving Cars

So, with the invention of automatically driving cars, I began to wonder how much energy they consumed. Self driving cars are surprisingly, extremely environment friendly. If 10% of cars were self-driving, there would be approximately 386,000,000 litres of gas saved. This 10% change could also stop up to 211,000 crashes, and save 5.5 billion dollars across every car owner. These cars may become the preferred mode of transport in the future.

Global Warming Apocalypse!

What if, we humans didn’t change our ways? What if we didn’t try to stop our pollution from causing global warming? We would likely end up in the global warming apocalypse. In this global warming apocalypse, the Earth would gradually heat up, quickly reaching dangerously hot levels. This heat could cause large cities like New York, to become uninhabitable. This endless heat wave is expected to begin in 2020 and become deadly in 2040. This apocalypse will throw many food chains off balance, killing millions of species.

What if The Sun Disappeared?

While on the topic of potential apocalypses, let me mention another situation. ‘What if the sun disappeared?’ It is very unlikely that something like the sun disappearing would happen in reality, but there are some great scientific theories about what could happen.

First off, if the sun disappeared, nothing would happen immediately. It would take around 8 and a half minutes for the change to be noticed. For the first few days, electricity and power would still be useful. Photosynthesis would likely stop immediately, causing a huge impact on Earth. Plants would no longer be able to take in carbon dioxide, or produce oxygen. This oxygen could still last nearly 1000 years.

After nearly a week, the Earth’s average surface temperature would drop from 14 degrees Celsius, to 0. So, we would likely all live for the first few months. However, after a year, the average temperature would drop to -73. We would still have some heat from the Earth’s core keeping us alive, if we lived in the right places.

What if Humans Disappeared?

Another interesting question is, what if humans disappeared? Well, within the first hours, most power plants would die out. Animals would escape the electric fences that had lost there power. Billions of animals will be released, yet most will starve to death. House pets will escape as well, but most of them will be killed by stronger, wild animals. Some entire species, like lice, will go completely extinct. Most roads will turn into rivers, normal buildings will be covered in plant life, and most wooden buildings will have burnt down.

In only 100 years, all wooden buildings will be gone completely, and metal structures will begin to rust. By now, animal populations will have returned to what they were before, but many animals will be living in the wrong continents. Zoo animals, and any surviving farm animals, will be living in unnatural climates. The only thing that won’t disappear will likely be our plastic garbage.

Space Time Capsules

So, when the world is about to end, if we have no chance of survival, we have only one thing left to do in our existence. We need to make time capsules. Not for ourselves, but for other species. We would need to send these time capsules into space to tell any form of intelligent life that could ever come across it, that we existed.

There are already messages from Earth that have been sent into space. One of these time capsules is called Lageos 1. The message inside contains three maps. One, is a map of Pangea (When every continent was connected), one map is of Earth today, and one map is of what scientists think Earth will look like in 8.4 million years.

In 2012 a record disc, was sent into space in 2012. The disc contained images of Earth, and us humans. It’s strange to think, that other life forms could one day find our time capsules. In the future aliens could be studying us humans.

Global Warming Isn’t Real!

Some people think that global warming is a lie. These are 4 major arguments that I have found from people claiming global warming is false.

  1. In 2012 scientists claimed that global warming caused the ice caps in Antarctic to melt. However, that year, the ice caps actually got larger.
  2. Scientists claim that global warming causes the temperature to increase. This used to be true. Between 1975 and 1997, there were changes in temperature. After that, the temperature changes stopped. Even though the temperature changes stopped, many scientists still claim they exist.
  3. Many scientists predicted that the ice in the Arctic would melt by 2013. People who don’t think global warming is real claim that since the first predictions about global warming were false, the second predictions will also be false.
  4. Any increase in global temperatures could simply be a natural climate shift.


Even when these argument points are brought up, I still believe that global warming is real, and it will have an effect on our future. There are still many arguments that prove global warming is true. These are 4 of those argument points:

  1. It has been proven that the sea level has been rising, and most scientists claim it was because of melting ice caps or glaciers.
  2. The ocean temperature has been getting much warmer with no explanations, other than global warming.
  3. Carbon dioxide levels are currently increasing. Carbon dioxide levels have raised by 25% since 1957. Scientists have also concluded that the increase in carbon dioxide is the fault of humans.
  4. The sun isn’t changing in temperature, yet the Earth is definitely getting warmer. This is unexplained heat is thought to be because of global warming.

Nikola Tesla and Infinite Energy!

Nikola Tesla was a great inventor, who had the honour of being named the inventor of the 20th century. He created many great things, but here I will be focusing on his ideas of infinite energy. He created a blueprint for a device that could create infinite free energy, that could be distributed to everyone. It was called the radiant energy receiver.

The radiant energy receiver would be able to take static energy from the air, and turn it into a usable form of electricity.

Nuclear War

One of the major disadvantages of nuclear energy, is that as the technology develops, it gives people the opportunity to create nuclear weapons. There have already been nuclear threats in certain countries. Some people predict that a nuclear world war 3 will begin one day.

What Will Happen When a Nuclear Bomb is Detonated?

Anyone that was close to the bomb would likely die immediately, evaporating into dust. In fact, the bomb would likely destroy the entire city it was detonated in. If you were lucky enough to not be killed by the initial explosion, everyone with a phone would receive a text warning them of the explosion. After you got the warning on your phone, you would have up to 3 minutes to get to safety before the bomb could kill you.

How to Survive Nuclear Attacks 

If you’re thinking that the only way to survive a nuclear bombing is by hiding in a bunker, you are wrong. If you hide inside a bunker, you are still very likely to die if a bomb drops. Of course, you still want to be inside, or at least find cover. The first thing you should do, is leave your mouth wide open. This will prevent your eardrums from popping at the sound of the explosion. Also, any flammable materials will burst into flames when the blast happens, so avoid those. After the explosion is over, you still need to wait up to 20 minutes for the air to clear.

After 24 hours, if you haven’t completely left the area, you will die of radiation poisoning. When you have left town, and find another shelter, you need to go either into a basement, or the tenth (or higher) floor.

Environmental Impacts of Nuclear War

Some scientists claim that nuclear weapons are the largest threat to the Earth’s environment. The damage that would be done to the environment by a potential nuclear bombing would take more than a decade to restore. Plants likely wouldn’t be able to grow for up to 5 years in areas that had been bombed.


Thank you for reading my blog. Do you think nuclear war or global warming will happen soon? What energy do you think is best? Comment below!