100 Mind Blowing Facts!

  1. High school students from 2015 have the same anxiety levels as insane asylum mental patients from 1950.
  2. It is impossible to tickle yourself. Go ahead, try it. Your mind knows that your trying to tickle yourself and doesn’t give you the same response.
  3. A cockroach can live many weeks without its head.
  4. Mosquitoes are the animal that has caused the most human deaths.
  5. It is possible to see the Milky Way from Earth, however light pollution makes it near impossible. In the 1990’s a power outage occurred in Los Angeles, and people saw the Milky Way for their first time.
  6. It is possible to have naturally purple eyes. It is because of a disorder called Alexandria’s Genesis. This disorder also causes for pale skin.
  7. If the population of China was arranged in a single file line, and they walked by you, the line would never end. This is because of China’s birth rates. People would be born faster than they could walk by you.
  8. First born children have been proven to have higher IQs than there siblings.
  9. People with higher IQs stay up later than most other people.
  10. The average amount of time it takes for people to fall asleep is 7 minutes.
  11. A type of jellyfish called the Turritopsis Nutricula can live forever.
  12. The weight of every ant on Earth is near the same as the weight of every human on Earth.
  13. There are more fake flamingos in the world then real ones.
  14. As humans we share 50% of our DNA with bananas.
  15. Every 2 minutes we have taken more pictures than in all of the 19th century.
  16. Surgeons who have played video games for three hours a week work 27% faster and makes 37% less mistakes.
  17. Bats aren’t actually blind. They have eyes and many of them have great night vision.
  18. Many people believe that blood is blue until it reaches air. This is false. Blood is red all the time.
  19. Sugar is more addictive than cocaine.
  20. You get smarter while you sleep.
  21. There are more possible combinations of chess pieces on a chess board then there are atoms in the known universe.
  22. Spiders don’t actually crawl into your mouth while you sleep.
  23. Two thirds of the people on Earth have never seen snow.
  24. Hummingbirds weigh less than pennies.
  25. A shadow’s weight is negative.
  26. In the average persons lifetime, they walk the distance of three times around the world.
  27. There is a man named Charles Osborne who had the hiccups for four years straight!
  28. Men are 650% more likely to be struck by lightning then women.
  29. Your nose and ears never stop growing, no matter how old you are.
  30. Coca Cola is green without its normal artificial colouring.
  31. It  would take 1,200,000 mosquitoes to drain all of an average persons blood.
  32. The richer you are, the longer you live, and yes this has been scientifically proven.
  33. When you urinate, some of the urine ends up in your mouth through saliva glands. Not to worry, urine is much cleaner than saliva anyway.
  34. In most castles, eating was the main thing people did to entertain themselves.
  35. The Dead Sea is a sea with extremely salty salt water. There is so much salt in this sea that you would die from drinking half of a cup. The salt water also allows you to float on the surface extremely easily making it challenging to touch the bottom. If you end up on your front, you will be unable to roll over and will likely drown.
  36. In Thailand a 6 hour clock is used.
  37. A jiffy is an actual measurement of time. It means a hundredth of a second.
  38. Month, orange, silver and purple have no rhymes in the English language.
  39. “umop apisdn” is the word upside down, upside down.
  40. Woman blink 2 times more than men.
  41. 13% of people actually believe the moon is made of cheese! (It isn’t…)
  42. Most chocolate bars have up to 8 insect legs in them.
  43. To save metal, anyone who won an Oscar during WW2 got one made of wood.
  44. Licking a stamp gains you a tenth of a calorie.
  45. If all the pizza eaten in the world today was put in a field, the field would have to be more than 18 acres
  46. If your stomach didn’t create a new layer of mucus every two weeks, it would digest itself.
  47. 12  babies have been given to incorrect parents every day. You might be one of them without knowing!
  48. One in ten people live on islands.
  49. Snails can sleep for three years straight.
  50. More than half of the movies in existence are rated R.
  51. By the time you enter grade one, you can recognise over 200 company logos.
  52. The average right handed person lives 9 years longer than the average left handed person.
  53. More people fear spiders than death.
  54. It is possible to bring a cow up a set of stairs, yet is near impossible to bring one down.
  55. You are 1.2% more likely to be born male.
  56. Your thigh bones are harder than concrete.
  57. The bible is not only the most sold book, but it is also the most shoplifted book.
  58. In China 1,800 cigarettes are smoked per year, per person.
  59. For every human, there are 100,000,000 insects.
  60. Everyone knows that you can’t scream in space, but you also can’t cry. The gravity stops tears from flowing.
  61. Duck quacks don’t echo and nobody knows why.
  62. Some snakes are born with two heads, and the heads often fight over food.
  63. You swallow up to 1.5 litres of urine while in a public swimming pool.
  64. In China there are crab vending machines.
  65. 10% of humans are currently alive.
  66. Every second 100 bolts of lightning hit Earth.
  67. Flea jumps are 20 times faster than space ship take offs.
  68. You will shed 40 pounds of skin in your life.
  69. One in every two thousand babies are born with a tooth.
  70. Every hour the universe expands by billions of miles.
  71. In Japan, there is eel flavoured ice cream.
  72. It has been scientifically proven that the best napping time is between 1:00 and 2:30 PM.
  73. While dinosaurs where around, most days were 23 hours.
  74. One in five adults think that aliens are hiding on Earth in clever human disguises,
  75. Only 38% of people eat breakfast.
  76. When you are near a black hole, time slows down. When you are inside a black hole time doesn’t pass at all.
  77. Neanderthals had bigger brains than us.
  78. There are just over 540,000 words in the English language.
  79. Apples are more efficient than caffeine when trying to wake yourself up in the morning.
  80. The average person drinks 600 sodas a year.
  81. The worlds hardest tongue-twister is “Sixth Sick Sheik’s Sixth Sheep’s Sick”
  82. It takes 63,000 trees to create a copy of the New York Times.
  83. When you are first born, you are colour-blind.
  84. Punctuation didn’t exist in English before the 15th century.
  85. If everyone in China jumped, they would send the Earth off its axis.
  86. A single pound of spider webs could stretch around the world.
  87. There are 150,000 people currently frozen, with the hopes that they can be revived later.
  88. In New Jersey, it is illegal to wear a bullet proof vest while committing a murder.
  89. It is better for you to leave your bed unmade, as bed bugs will live longer in made beds.
  90. One of twenty people are born with an extra rib.
  91. You can’t evenly fold a paper more than 7 times.
  92. One in 23 million people are allergic to water. Most of these peoples have to stay confined to there homes.
  93. In Dubai an indoor city is being built. The city has air conditioned side walks, a 8,000,000 square ft mall, and more! The city is called Mall of the World.
  94. The youngest person to ever be a pope was 11 years old.
  95. There is a chimp from a Russian zoo that became addicted to cigarettes and alcohol. The alcohol and cigarettes were given to him by visitors of the zoo. In 2010 the chimp was sent to rehab. Luckily, he has recovered.
  96. Each year, Burger King sells 950,000 pounds of bacon.
  97. Baseballs go faster in warm temperatures.
  98. 10% of  thunderstorms are considered severe.
  99. For every 1 chocolate bar eaten in China, 1000 are eaten in Britain.
  100. Your entire life has lead up to reading this fact..

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