50 Facts – Common Misconceptions

This is a sort of sequel to a blog I uploaded last week called 100 Facts. In this blog I will talk about 50 lies people still believe.

  1. The Earth doesn’t actually revolve around the sun. The Earth, Sun and every other planet is simply orbiting the centre of mass in our solar system.
  2. Different areas of your tongue don’t taste things differently.
  3. Giving kids sugar doesn’t make them hyper.
  4. Humans have more than the five senses everyone believes we are limited to. We actually have 21 senses (that we know of.)
  5. There is no such thing as the dark side of the moon.
  6. Caffeine doesn’t cause dehydration.
  7. Sunflowers don’t always face towards the sun.
  8. People use 100% of there brain, not 10%.
  9. Touching a bird doesn’t make it’s mother reject it. Mother birds will likely not notice it.
  10. You can’t make a bull mad by showing it something red. Bulls are only able to see blue and yellow.
  11. You don’t need to wait 30 minutes between eating and swimming. You wouldn’t drown, you would possibly have a slight stomach ache.
  12. If you dropped a penny off of the Empire State building, CN Tower, or even the Burj Khalifa, and it hit someone, they wouldn’t die.
  13. Shaving hair doesn’t make it grow back faster.
  14. Microwave radiation doesn’t cause cancer.
  15. Waking a sleepwalker doesn’t harm them.
  16. Albert Einstein never failed math.
  17. George Washington didn’t have wooden teeth. Although, he did have a set of teeth made out of gold.
  18. Gum doesn’t take 7 years to digest, because it never digests. It does still go through your body like normal food.
  19. Alcohol doesn’t kill brain cells.
  20. People are not have a left or right brain. “Left Brains” have the same ability to learn right handed tasks as “Right Brains”, and vice-versa.
  21. Fortune cookies weren’t invented in China, they were invented in America.
  22. Strawberries aren’t berries, however bananas, tomatoes, and watermelons are.
  23. Being close to the television doesn’t damage your eyes.
  24. Peanuts aren’t a type of nut.
  25. Lightning does strike the same places twice.
  26. Irregardless is a word, even though I strongly dislike it.
  27. If you cut an earthworm in half, it won’t turn into two earthworms. The front of the worm would live, and the back would die.
  28. There is no proof that drinking 8 glasses of water a day helps your body.
  29. Cracking your knuckles doesn’t give you arthritis.
  30. The five second rule isn’t real, germs spread instantly.
  31. Chameleons don’t change colour to blend in with their surroundings.
  32. Some scientists debate about carrots helping you see. However, almost all of them can agree that carrots don’t improve night vision.
  33. Touching a toad won’t give you warts.
  34. You don’t lose most of your heat through your head.  Wearing a hat outside doesn’t change the temperature of anything in your body except your head.
  35. Although most people try to eat as little as possible while they have a fever, it is better to eat.
  36. Full moons don’t effect peoples behaviour.
  37. Washing chicken before it is cooked is not beneficial. It doesn’t improve the chicken’s taste or cleanliness. It also causes bacteria from raw chicken to get in the sink.
  38. Brown eggs aren’t any healthier than white eggs.
  39. Seasons aren’t caused by Earth being closer or farther to the sun.
  40. The odds of winning a coin toss are 51-49, not 50-50. The side of the coin facing up before it is thrown has the 51% chance of winning.
  41. Clouds aren’t lightweight. They are actually extremely heavy.
  42. Subliminal messages (like backwards words in songs trying to convince you to do something) have been proven to be ineffective.
  43. House flies can live longer than the 24 hour life expectancy some people think is real.
  44. The average age of death was never 30 years old, even during the middle ages.
  45. Thomas Edison didn’t invent the light bulb. He helped develop the first practical light bulb.
  46. There is no such thing as photographic memory. It is physically impossible for anyone to have photographic memory throughout their entire life.
  47. Meteors aren’t hot when they hit Earth.
  48. Benjamin Franklin didn’t discover electricity, electricity was commonly known about during his time.
  49. Wired internet is much more protected than WiFi.
  50. The great wall of China isn’t visible from space.

Thanks for reading! Write your favourite myth-conception in the comments.


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