What Are Doppelgängers?

Doppelgänger is German for double-goer. However, in many fiction stories, doppelgängers are people that look exactly like you, and they usually cause bad luck. They are thought to be paranormal beings.Even though these creatures are thought to be fiction, there are many people who believe they are real. In this blog post, I will be listing some of the most popular stories about doppelgängers.

Abraham Lincoln

In his time, Abe was very open about his belief in the paranormal. According to Abe himself, he had experienced paranormal activity. Abe claimed that the night before his election, he looked into his mirror to see that he had two faces. The second face was pale and ghost-like. He quickly moved back, startled with fear. The second face had disappeared. Then, he went back to the place he was standing, thinking he had simply seen something that wasn’t there, when it appeared again. In hopes of figuring out why he saw the doppelgänger, he moved around the mirror, looking from different angles. He was only able to see the face once more.

His wife believed that two faces meant Lincoln would be re-elected for two terms, but she also expected that the pale, near-dead face meant that he wouldn’t survive the re-election. Her prediction came true, as Lincoln did get re-elected, and he did die before the second term.

Abe Lincoln

Jonne Donne’s Doppelgänger

Although some people have doppelgängers that symbolize bad luck, Jonne Donne had a doppelgänger wasn’t going to cause him horrible luck. Jonne was in Paris. His wife was pregnant at the time. He had seen his wife, but when he walked up to her, he saw her holding a child. The scary part is, the doppelgänger appeared at the same moment his child was born.

Jonne Donne

Queen Elizabeth I

Not much is known about Queen Elizabeth’s doppelgänger. It is known that only hours before her death, she saw herself on lying on her own bed, pale-faced and nearly dead. Some speculate that the shock of seeing her doppelgänger killed her.

Emilie Sagée

This is one of the most famous cases of doppelgängers ever. Emilie was a French teacher. In the year 1846 many of her students noticed a ghostlike figure that would commonly repeat her actions. The doppelgänger would be moving around whilst Emilie was standing still, and it would stay still whilst Emilie moved around. When Emilie was sick, the doppelgänger would seem healthy.One day, Emilie was writing on her chalkboard. The students all witnessed as her doppelgänger walked into the class and repeated the action whilst standing directly next to her, yet the doppelgänger wasn’t using chalk.

Another time, her doppelgänger was both working in a garden outside, whilst the teacher was sitting in her class. Two brave students from the class went up to the teacher’s doppelgänger to try to speak to it. The students claimed that there was a strange resistance in the air around the doppelgänger. Emilie never saw her doppelgänger, but she always began to feel sick when the doppelgänger was near.

Emilie Sagee

Do you think doppelgängers are real? Have you ever seen a doppelgänger? Comment your response below!


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