Five of the Weirdest Items Sold on eBay

The site eBay allows you to buy and sell items. In this blog, I will be going over some of the strangest things ever sold on eBay. These crazy items range from haunted rubber ducks, to a man’s soul.

5.Haunted Rubber Duck

According to the seller of this item, the rubber duck was originally a gift to the seller’s 2 month old son. His son slowly forgot about the duck, using it less and less. Then, their son learned how to speak. The son spoke about fights he had with the rubber duck, and the seller discovered a detailed scar picture imprinted on the side of the ducks head. The image was not on the duck before.

The seller claims that while his son was taking a bath, he was playing with other toys. He seemed to be intentionally ignoring the duck. A few moments later, the other toys began to melt into the water. The rubber duck seemed to be the only thing in the tub that wasn’t melting away to nothing. The seller put it up for auction and earned a total of $107.50! He also included a notice that he was not responsible for anything the rubber duck did to the buyer.

4. A 61 Year Old Grandmother

A ten year old girl named Zoey Pemberton once put her grandma on eBay. According to eBay’s policies, you have to be honest about the quality of the product, even the faults. Zoey took this as an opportunity to complain about her grandmother in the product description. She claimed that her grandmother was very annoying, and that she moaned a lot. One of the few good things she mentioned about her Grandmother was that she was good at cuddling and that she liked to hug.

Even though the sale was simply meant as a joke, people began to bid up to $20,000! However, eBay decided to take down the auction due to the sale breaking some of their many sales policies. Zoey mentioned in a later interview that she only expected $0.99 for her Grandmother at the most. Zoey also claimed part of her motivation was from her Grandmother asking her to do simple chores, like fetching cups of water, or picking up the phone.

3.William Shatner’s Kidney Stone

William Shatner is a Canadian actor, singer, author and comedian. In order to raise money for charity, he decided to auction off one of his kidney stones. The auction raised $75,000. The buyer, was the owner of an online casino game. The owner of the casino game has made many other strange purchases as well, including a piece of a grilled cheese sandwich with burn marks that seemed to imprint the face of Mary (The mother of Jesus).

2.Celebrity Hair

Many celebrities have had their hair sold over eBay. In fact, people have devoted large portions of their life trying to sell famous hair strands. One notable sale, was of Justin Bieber’s hair. Justin gave Ellen DeGeneres a lock of his hair in a signed box. A while later, Ellen put this box up for auction and she earned $40,668.

Another time, after Britney Spears got her haircut, the barbers took her hair and put it up for auction. It was placed on sale for $1,000,000 yet nobody has bought it yet.

1.The Man that Sold his Soul

A man sold his soul over eBay for $1,325 after a 10 day bidding war. The buyer  received a deed to the soul, and a jar labelled “My Soul”. The buyer claimed that he bought the man’s soul because he wanted to feel like the devil. The seller has been selling his soul for years. In high school, he held a fundraiser and sold jars of his soul for $4.95.

Thanks for reading! What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever purchased? Comment below.


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