Jack Shepard – Prison Escape

Jack Shepard was talented in the art of breaking out of prisons. During the 18th Century, his escapes made him a celebrity. He was admired by the public, and almost everybody knew who he was. He had three famous prison escapes throughout history, each more amazing than the last.

The First Escape – 1723

In 1723 Jack made his first escape. He was sent to jail for pick-pocketing. He was visited many times by his wife named Bess Lyon. Soon, Bess was sent to the same prison. They were sent to the same cell, in which they agreed to attempt to escape.

He removed one iron and one wooden bar from the cells window, and tied his bed sheets together to climb out. He climbed a total of 22 feet down the wall to complete their grand escape.

The Second Escape – 1724

Jack had returned to prison because he was convicted of burglary. He had a death sentence. In his new cell, he found a hidden hatch. The hatch was connected to a tunnel leading to a different empty cell. One of Jack’s friends appeared at the prison and distracted the guards, while Jack filed the bottom of the bars into a spike shape. He broke the bar and exited through the empty cell.

The Third Escape – 1724

Only months after Jack’s escape, he was found and returned to jail, to preform his next, most famous, escape. His new cell was extremely confined. He was handcuffed and he had a metal piece holding his legs to each other, and the floor. On top of that, a metal door with many locks was holding him in.

Jack then used his teeth to pull a lose nail from the metal door. He then slipped his hands out of his handcuffs. He took the loose nail and pick the lock securing his legs to the floor. He forced several locks to break, until the door opened. He then scaled onto the prison roof, and used his blanket to climb down to a neighbouring roof. He climbed down from that roof, and he got away.

Keep in mind, at the time he was unable to disconnect the metal holding his legs together, so he preformed the entire escape without the ability to separate his legs. He did however, go to a local shoemaker later, to get the metal removed.


Jack was hung after he was re-captured a final time. He had a plan to escape the hanging but it was unsuccessful. What do you think of Jack Shepard’s criminal life? Do you think he would have accomplished these escapes in a 21st Century prison? Leave a comment, and make sure to follow!


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