5 of The Craziest Things ever Stolen!


People have stolen some pretty weird things. In this blog, I will be listing some of the strangest things that people have ever stolen. The list includes a 350 pound inflatable gorilla, 55 Oscar awards, and more!

5. Oscar Awards

On March 20th, in the year 2000, a man named Willie Fullgear found 55 Oscar awards in 10 unmarked boxes in the garbage. Two other men were arrested for stealing the statues and hiding them in Willie Fullgear’s garbage can. The thieves were employees at Roadway Express. The Oscar’s were valued at $18,000. The boxes weighed over 450 pounds.

4. An Entire Church

Over the course of a month, a man stole the entirety of a church in Russia. The thief offered people four cents per brick. After the sale of the church’s bricks, many of the people found out were the bricks came from. They thought the bricks would be cursed. After that discovery, many of the bricks were returned to the church.

3. The Inflatable Gorilla

In Simi, California, a car dealership had a 350 pound inflatable gorilla stolen from them. The employees would deflate the gorilla when the wind was moving quickly. One time, when one of the employees went to inflate the gorilla after the wind slowed down, he discovered that it was missing. The gorilla had been detached from many different cables and it had been pulled away. It is still unknown who stole it, or how they stole it.

2. A Tank

It was May 17th 1995, when a man stole a 63 ton military tank. He stole it from a National Guard armory, and used it to go on a rampage. The man destroyed poles, knocked over fire hydrants, and ran over cars before he finally got the tank stuck in a road divider. The man was shot by police officers, but luckily, nobody else was injured.

The man was named Shawn Nelson. He was a plumber, and he used to serve in the military. A news channel caught some of the tank’s attack on camera, and the video is included below.

1. A Bridge

In New Castle, Pennsylvania, two brothers were charged for stealing an entire bridge. The brothers took the bridge apart, piece by piece. They had a lot of time to preform their burglary because the bridge was privately owned, and hardly used. The bridge was called ‘Covert’s Crossing Bridge’, and the materials were worth nearly $100,000.

Extra Story: Beach Thief

In July of 2008, in Jamaica, at the Coral Springs Beach, over 500 truckloads of sand was stolen. Illegal sand mining is actually a common crime in Jamaica, as many people want to build their own homes, thus causing a large demand for materials.

Jamaica’s Prime Minister, Bruce Golding took a personal interest in the search for the sand thief. He got police to preform many forensic tests. No criminal was discovered. Some people believe that the police were bribed, even though they deny it.


Thank you for reading this post. Which of these stories do you think is the strangest? Leave a comment with your answer!


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