The Craziest World Records!


World Records have always been an extremely interesting topic. Today, I will be showing 3 of the craziest world records, including the world record for the longest phone conversation, the largest family, and the man with the most world records.

The World’s Longest Phone Call Conversations

In 2012, two people named Eric Brewster and Avery Leonard had a phone call that lasted for 46 hours, 12 minutes,  and 52 seconds. If they wished to achieve the record, they weren’t allowed to stop talking for any more than 10 seconds, excluding a five minute break every hour.

However, the longest phone call from a single person, was 56 hours and 4 minutes long. A man named Sunil Prabhaker, and he spoke to many different people. His call was passed from person to person across the time span. Later on in 2012, two companies, Tele2 Communications and SponsorKing, had two teams hold a group conversation that lasted over 56 hours.

The Largest FamilyWR Largest Family.jpg

Ziona Chana lives in a 100 room mansion, with his 39 wives, 94 children, and 33 grand children. Ten of his wives were married to him in a single year. Ziona has recently said that he wasn’t done marrying women, and that he would soon be travelling to USA, to meet new people and expand his family.

The Most Guinness World Records held at one Time

A man named Ashrita Furman holds the world record for the most world records owned by a person. He has received over 500 World Records since the year 1979. He owns world records such as, the longest distance ever somersaulted, the most balloons inflated via nose, and the longest distance ever travelled by unicycle while underwater.

His record for somersaulting, consisted of him somersaulting across a distance of 12 miles. He was only allowed to stop once every hour, for five minutes, or whenever he threw up. He claims that it was the hardest record he had ever set.


Thanks for reading! What’s the weirdest world record you’ve ever heard of? Leave your answer in the comments.



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