Spontaneous Human Combustion

Spontaneous human combustion is when a fire randomly begins inside of a person without a source of ignition. There are many arguments about whether this occurrence could actually happen, or if it is just a myth. There are over 200 recorded cases of spontaneous human combustion.

People Who Have Spontaneously Combusted

Polonus Vorstius – The First Case of Spontaneous Combustion

Polonus Vorstius was the first person to ever spontaneously combust. This happened during the late 1400s. He claimed that he had drank too much wine, moments before he spewed fire out of his mouth. He then burned to death, in front of a large group of people. Everyone else who drank the wine was perfectly fine, and there was no nearby source of fire.

Mary Raeser – A Skull and a Foot

In St. Petersburg, California, a landlady was going from door to door at her apartment, collecting rent. She went to open one of the doors, but noticed it’s handle was extremely hot. She finally got the door opened to find a skull, and an intact foot. The skull and foot were on a burned carpet, yet there was no source of fire in the room. The police claimed that she died from spontaneous combustion. This happened on July 1st, 1951.

Jeannie Saffin – The Witnessed Spontaneous Combustion

Jeannie Saffin was 61 years old when she died of spontaneous combustion. She had serious issues with her mental health. She had always lived with her 82 year old father. Jeannie’s father witnessed her spontaneously combust, whilst they were in their home. She showed no change in expression while she was on fire. Her father splashed water from the sink onto her, and the fire stopped. Sadly, she ended up in a coma, and she died eight days later.

Is Spontaneous Combustion Real?

Spontaneous Combustion is a widely debated phenomena. There are over 200 cases of spontaneous combustion, however almost all of them involve a nearby heat source (Such as a cigarette, or a candle.) In most cases, the victims were also elderly, or intoxicated. This leads many scientists to believe that spontaneous combustion isn’t possible. Despite the scientists’ beliefs, there is no solid proof against any of the theories about spontaneous human combustion. Many of the theories about how spontaneous combustion work, are very convincing.

How Does Spontaneous Combustion Work?

The most popular explanation for spontaneous combustion is that two chemicals combine inside of a person’s body, and end up creating fire. The fire will usually spread from inside of the person, resulting in them being burnt to death, yet with nothing nearby being lit on fire.


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