A New Planet?! – Planet 9

On January 20th, 2016, scientists discovered what could possibly a ninth planet in our solar system. This mysterious ‘Planet Nine‘ has not been directly observed by anyone, however scientists have used mathematical models and other pieces of evidence to discover this possible planet.

If Planet Nine does exist, it will be the third planet in the Solar System to be discovered since ancient times. This planet supposedly takes 10,000 – 20,000 years to orbit the sun. It would’ve approximately 10 times the weight and 3 times the size of Earth.

However, this isn’t the first time scientists have “found” a planet. Many people argue that ‘Planet 9’ doesn’t exist at all.

The main piece of evidence that proves the existence of ‘Planet 9’ is the gravitational behavior of certain planets near its expected location. Some scientists believe that this gravitational effect is caused by;

“a gas giant that was punted out of the ecliptic plane, in which all the other planets orbit, eons ago.” -Wired.com

(A gas giant is a planet that is mainly comprised of hydrogen and helium. Jupiter and Saturn are both gas giants.)

Scientists have been unable to see this planet, due to the small amount of light nearby. Yet Surprisingly, people have known about Planet 9’s existence since nearly a century ago. In fact, Pluto was discovered by astronomers who were looking for ‘Planet 9’.

Planet 9 has also been defined by many other names, such as ‘Planet X’ or ‘Xena’, yet the name Planet 9 is the most common.

Do you think Planet 9 is real? Leave a comment with your opinion.


One thought on “A New Planet?! – Planet 9

  1. I read all the way to the end thinking “is this the same as Planet X?”

    I’m not educated enough to have an opinion about this but I sort of hope it exists. Space is a lonely place and we can use all the neighbours we can get.

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