Strange Deaths

Clement Vallandigham – Death by Demonstration

An American Congressman named Clement Vallandigham (who was 50 years old) died whilst defending a man in court who was a murder suspect. He claimed that the victim hadn’t died from murder, and that the victim had simply fired a gun accidentally whilst pulling it out of his pocket. When Clement attempted to demonstrate how this could have happened, he shot himself, using a gun he thought was not loaded. He won the case, but he died from the shot he accidentally fired. This happened in 1871.

Garry Hoy – Window Ramming

Garry Hoy was a lawyer who was described as an intelligent man by his peers. He would often run into the company’s building’s 24th floor window and test its strength to impress his friends. He was 39 years old on the day he died, and he was with a group of people, giving them a tour of his office building. When he reached the 24th floor, he performed his normal window-ramming stunt. He bounced off of the glass, and nothing had gone wrong. When Garry tried to hit the window a second time, he smashed through the center, and fell 24 stories.

Jimi Heselden – Inventor Killed by Invention

Jimi Heselden was the creator of the segway. On September 26th, 2010, he rode a segway off of a cliff. He fell 24 meters into a river, which killed him.

Hans Steininger – The World’s Longest Beard

A man named Hans Steininger had a 1.4 meter long beard. He would almost always have it rolled up into a leather pouch. One day in 1567, he forgot to do this. A fire began in his home, and when he went to put it out, he tripped on his beard. He died in the fire. During his time he had the world’s longest beard, yet today, the world’s longest beard is nearly 5 times the length of Hans’. The world’s longest beard is currently 5.33 meters long.

Ramon Rodriguez – Porta Potty Peril

Ramon Rodriguez was a 23 year old construction worker. He was from Miami, Florida. While walking through the streets on a windy  day, Ramon was crushed by a porta potty that was blown off of a building four stories above him.


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