Unexplained Events – Updated

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The Dancing Plague

The dancing plague of 1518 is an insane situation that scientists still can’t explain today! The dancing plague started when a women named Mrs.Troffea began to dance in the streets without stopping. Within a week 34 people joined her, and within a month 400 people joined them. Many physicians claimed that more dancing would help people stop. They even hired musicians to encourage them. This didn’t work as most of the people danced until they literally dropped. Dozens of people died because the dancing caused heart attacks and strokes.

The Kentucky Meat Shower

In Kentucky, on March 3rd 1876 meat rained from the sky. The type of meat has been left undetermined, however there were a few differing opinions from professionals. Most of the pieces of meat were 5×5 centimeters in size, however one of the pieces was 10×10 centimeters.

Water Demon

In 1963 the Methuen Water Demon began terrorizing the Martin’s family. The family began experiencing some strange things that happened with a damp spot in the corner of their home’s floor. They had found the spot spurting out water at random intervals. At first, they believed it was an error in plumbing. They attempted many times to get the pipes fixed or replaced. They soon found out that the pipe wasn’t the source of the water emerging from the damp spot, as it began to spurt when all of the nearby pipes were removed. The water even began squirting out of the walls in different areas of the house. The family moved to a friends house and the water problems followed them. Later, when they attempted to completely turn off the water, their plastic walls exploded with water. The home was destroyed.

Kasper Hauser

It was May 26, 1828 when a teenage boy (Kaspar Hauser) was found wandering around in Nuremberg, Germany. When people first discovered him, he would only mumble gibberish. The only thing he was able to say in English was that his father was a cavalry officer, and that he wanted to become a cavalry officer himself. Over time, he began to speak more about his life. He gave the police his name, and explained that he had been locked in a cell by an unknown person, for an unknown amount of time. He was trapped with water, food and toys. Kasper became famous, and he had many articles published about him. He also learned how to write, and he created an autobiography.

On December 14th, 1833, Kaspar was stabbed by a stranger, and a note was left with him. When put up to a mirror, the note would read:

Hauser will be

able to tell you quite precisely how

I look and from where I am.

To save Hauser the effort,

I want to tell you myself from where

I come _ _ .

I come from from _ _ _

the Bavarian border _ _

On the river _ _ _ _ _

I will even

tell you the name: M. L. Ö.

Kaspar died 3 days later, on December 17th, 1833.

The Enfield Poltergeist

A ghost dubbed the Enfield Poltergeist haunted a home for an entire year, between 1977 and 1978. The ghost has been witnessed by investigators, journalists, and police. The ghost would make knocking noises, or move furniture. It would throw people into the air, or make them levitate slightly above the ground. The ghost also seemed to be able to communicate through people, or through the knocking sounds. There are audio recordings of the ghost doing this.

The Pollock Twins

In 1957, two sisters named Joana Pollock and Jacqueline Pollock died in a horrible motor accident. The next year, two new twins were born in the same family. The twins were named Gillian and Jennifer. When the twins were first born, their Father noticed a white line on Jennifer’s head that matched a scar that looked similar to Jacqueline’s scar. The new twins also had the exact same birthmarks as the deceased twins. The living twins began to request toys that the deceased twins had previously owned.

The family soon moved away from their hometown. When they returned home, the twins were reaching the age of four. During the car ride to return to their previous hometown, the twins passed the school that the deceased twins attended. The twins claimed that they had gone to that same school before. Soon, the twins were given the deceased twin’s toys. Both twins had names for each of the teddy bears, and somehow, the names were all the same.


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