Famous UFO Sightings

Berwyn Mountains – 1974

On January 23rd 1974, at around 8:30 PM, many people living near Berwyn Mountains heard a large explosion. Many people looked into the sky to find green lights. Many people went into the mountains, believing a plane had crashed. A nurse was the first to reach the area where the noise came from. She discovered a large sphere that was emitting strange white lights. Police officers and government officials made her leave, claiming that the road was closed to unauthorized citizens. She claimed that the mysterious “Men in Black” visited her, and claimed they would do horrible things if she told anyone about her discovery. She claimed she had been lying the next day.

Belgium – 1989-1990

This incident, often referred to as The Belgian Wave, began on November 29th, 1989. Many people claimed that they saw a giant flying craft in the shape of a triangle, that had strange lights. Six radar stations found an unknown object on their screens. The sightings occurred repeatedly for months, and F-16 fighters were even sent after the UFO. One of the F-16s had the ship on its radar, only for the vehicle to drop over 9,000 feet in less than 5 seconds. The UFO continued to be sighted over 1,000 times.

Westall, Australia – 1966

In April, 1966, nearly 400 people witnessed a large grey flying saucer, fly over a school. Many students, and pedestrians spotted the UFO. The UFO hovered out of sight, near the ground for a few moments, only for it to arise again with five smaller aircrafts following it. Many official figures soon arrived to move people away from the area. Some strange men in suits forced the schools principal to hold an assembly to tell all of the students that there was no such thing as aliens.

New Mexico – 1949

During August of 1949, the famous astronomer Clyde W Tombaugh (Who discovered Pluto) and the rest of his family witnessed a group of blue-green rectangles soaring through the sky.


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