Death Defiers

Frano Salek – The World’s Luckiest Man

Frano Salek nearly died seven times. He is considered to be the world’s luckiest man. His first near death experience was in 1962, when he was caught in a train crash. Seventeen people died on that train. Only a year later, in 1963, he survived a plane crash. One of the cockpit doors on the plane had randomly became open. Three years later, he found himself in a bus accident. The bus had crashed, and landed in a river. Four years after that, in 1970, Frane’s car randomly caught fire. He escaped the car only seconds before the gas tank exploded.

About twenty years passed, and in 1995, he was hit by a bus, however he was merely injured from the event. In 1996, he drove off of a highway to avoid a truck, breaking the guard rail. He landed on a tree, and watched his car fall 300 feet. Only a few years later, in 2003, he won the lottery.


Roy Sullivan – Lightning

Roy Sullivan was an extremely unlucky park ranger. He was struck by lightning seven different times. The chances of this happening are one in twenty-two septillion. The first time he was struck was in 1942. He was struck while in a guard tower. He tragically died when he committed suicide at the age of 71.


Isidro Mejia – Nails

Isidro Mejia was a construction worker. He fell whilst holding a nail gun, and he ended up with 6 nails in the back of his head. Three of the nails entered the brain. He went into a coma, and an ambulance arrived quickly. Despite the horrible injury, he survived a surgery, and he awoke from his coma.

Ricky Megee – Outback Survival

Ricky Megee survived 71 days in the Outback. All he remembers about how he got stuck there, is that his car broke down. (Some investigators believe he was drugged by a hitchhiker.) When he was in the Outback, he had built a basic shelter, and he created a water dam. He survived by eating frogs, lizards and snakes. When he returned home, Ricky spent a few days in the hospital, and he was able to regain his health.


5 thoughts on “Death Defiers

  1. Interesting posts. These people were fortunate, and who know how they escapes what someone else might have been hurt or killed by. Whenever I read a post like this I think of people who live in the midst of shootings, robberies, drugs, etc. They may live their whole lives in the same house, on the same block, in the same rough neighborhood. Yet, they are never affected by it. They may see or hear about it, but that’s all. Go figure!!!

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  2. Very entertaining post. It’s amazing what injury the human body can sustain and still carry on. Never travelling with anyone called Frano Salek though.
    Only real advice I can give is that some pictures might be nice, especially as this focuses on specific people.


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