Prison Escape ~ Choi Gap-Bok

Choi Gap-Bok was a man who was very skilled at yoga. In fact, he had practised yoga for nearly 23 years. This man was 50 years old when he was arrested because he was under suspicion of robbery. He had been in and out of jail for a large portion of his life, but on September 17th he escaped his prison cell.

To escape his cell, he received lotion and covered himself. Next, he walked up to the 5.9 inch tall, 17.7 inch wide food slot and slipped through. This took him only 30 seconds! He managed to do this while the guards were sleeping.

Prison Cell

After he escaped his cell, he climbed out of a window in the prison. He then entered a residential home and stole a credit card and car keys. After traveling a short distance, he abandoned the car and ran into Mount Nam. He moved through the mountains at night, and hid  during the day to avoid the police.

A note written by Choi Gap-Bok was found in a village saying “I am Sorry, signed Framed Thief Choi Gap-Bok”. The police managed to find him near the village, and he was caught.

He still claims that he is innocent, and that he was framed. However, he was returned to the prison. His new cell has a much smaller food slot.
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