Strange Things

The Hum

‘The hum’ is a strange noise that has been heard since people became aware of its existence in the 1970s in Bristol. The hum is a rumbling noise that is only heard in certain parts of the world, in completely silent areas. The thing that makes this even stranger is that the hum is only heard by certain people.

Some have tried to explain this, however they have failed. The sound has never been located, and after hearing tests, it was declared that those who heard the sound had normal hearing.

Some people who have heard this noise claim that it is like torture. There has been one suicide directly related to the noise.

One person who heard the hum said “It’s worst at night… It’s hard to get sleep because I hear this throbbing sound in the background. You’re tossing and turning, and you get more and more agitated about it.”


UVB-76 is a Russian radio station that has played a static buzzing noise since the 1970s, however, every few months a coded message is said aloud on the station. It is unknown why this station exists or what the messages mean. You can still listen to this at any time.

The WOW! Signal

On August 15th, 1977, a radio astronomer named Jerry Ehman was looking for evidence of alien communication in radio waves. He discovered a signal that said “6EQUJ5”, and he circled it writing the word ‘Wow!’ next to it. This code was distinguished from various 1s and 0s.

Some people claim this signal came from Earth, but if this was true, it would have been received in other places. It was not. This signal has not been repeated since. Wow_signal

Room 428

The Ohio University (in Athens, Ohio) is commonly thought of as haunted. Room 428 of this university has been considered to be haunted so horribly, that it is inaccessible to students. There have been witnesses claiming to see things flying across the room, falling off shelves, doors randomly opening, and unexplained dark shadows.

One of the doors in the room has a strange demon-like face imprint in it. Whenever the school has replaced the door, the imprint has returned. The ghost is said to be a student who committed suicide in the room.


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4 thoughts on “Strange Things

  1. You mentioned that only some people hear it. I wonder if dogs also hear it. I guess the best way not to hear it would be to stop listening. Or a person could give it a funny description, or a comical name even. This would soften their emotional attachment to it. The “trippy” thing about being one of those audibly sensitive enough to hear it, and having heard it for a while is, even if it suddenly stopped, they might be so used to hearing it, they still imagine they do. Go figure!

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