25 Fascinating Facts

  1. After his death, the inventor of the Frisbee had his ashes molded into Frisbees. [Source]
  2. Twitter, Facebook, and Skype have all been banned in China. [Source]
  3. A DNA survey found that all human DNA is 99.9% the same. [Source]
  4. Some experts believe that dogs can’t feel guilt. [Source]
  5. The human to ant ratio is estimated to be 1 person per 1.6 million ants. [Source]
  6. On Jupiter and Saturn, diamonds fall from the sky. [Source]
  7. Any whole number between 0 and 999 does not have the letter ‘a’ in its name.
  8. Apple Earns $4540 per second. [Source]
  9. Samsung earns approximately $6486 per second. [Same Source as #08]
  10. A third of all murders in USA remain unsolved. [Source]
  11. There is a Japanese village where life sized dolls outnumber people. [Source]
  12. A camel can drink 200L of water in under 3 minutes. [Source]
  13. Until 1809, Finland was a part of Sweden. [Source]
  14. 31% of the world’s uranium is from Australia. [Source]
  15. 95% of people living past the age of 110 are females. [Source]
  16. Some scientists believe that sunshine is as addictive as heroin. [Source]
  17. Most aphids (also known as plant lice) are pregnant from the moment they are first born. [Source]
  18. Boanthropy is a rare psychological disorder that causes people to believes they are cows/cattle. [Source]
  19. The world’s longest tunnel took nearly two decades to build, and 12.2 billion dollars was spent on it. [Source]
  20. Gold is being used to fight cancer. [Source]
  21. In 50 billion years, it is estimated that days will be 1,000 hours long. [Source] [Source2]
  22. If a subject had good table manners, King David I of Scotland would give them tax rebates. [Source]
  23. Cats can sleep between 16 and 20 hours every day. [Source]
  24. Every year, 98% of your atoms are replaced. [Source]
  25. You burn calories faster sleeping than watching television. [Source]

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What Comes After Infinity?

What comes after infinity?

One might think counting past infinity would require multiplying infinity by two. That is wrong. Infinity multiplied by two is, infinity. Then how do you count past infinity? Well, first, before explaining how to count past infinity, you need to know what a cardinal number is.

A cardinal number is a number that can be used to describe the amount of something. This is how we normally use numbers. If I have four apples, the cardinal number for the set is, four. The set can be described as having a cardinality of four. The numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and anything you can count to after that,  can be used as cardinals.

Infinity can not be a cardinal number, because you can always add one to a cardinal number to make it larger.

However, to find infinity, you would need to count all of the different numbers that can be used as cardinals. This infinity is called aleph null (or aleph naught/aleph zero.)

Aleph null, can also be described as the amount of multiples of 2, 3, 4, 5, etc, since there is an infinite number of these multiples.

Although infinity plus one is infinity, a question remains. What would you label the number that you added after infinity on an number line? If there are infinite numbers, and you add one, what would come next? Omega. The number after infinity is an ordinal number called omega.  An ordinal number is a number that describes the order of something, like ‘first’, ‘second’ or ‘third’.

After omega, is omega plus one, omega plus two, and omega plus three. These are all ordinal numbers.

Omega squared, squared, squared, etc, will eventually create another form of infinity known as epsilon naught.

After this comes omega one, aleth omega, and aleth omega squared. The list can go on forever, thus creating another infinity.

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Split Brains

Split Brains

Everyone’s brain is made up of two halves, called hemispheres. These hemispheres are connected by a part of the brain called the corpus callosum. In the past, the corpus callosum was cut to treat epilepsy. However, when this part of the brain was cut, the two brain hemispheres would not be able to communicate, thus creating a split brain.

If you had a split brain, each of your brain’s hemispheres would be capable of having their own emotions, opinions, and personalities. The two hemispheres are also capable of disagreeing. Since your right hemisphere controls the left half of your body, and your left hemisphere controls the right side of your body, your hemispheres could have physical disagreements.

For example, if the right half of your body picks up a piece of food, and your right hemisphere doesn’t want you to eat it, your left hand (controlled by the right hemisphere) could try and remove of the food.

Usually, the left hemisphere of the brain controls speech. The left hemisphere’s dominant functions include math, logic, and language. The right hemispheres dominant functions include visualizing images, facial recognition, and music. The right hemisphere and left hemisphere can both see through your eyes on the halves of the body they control.

If you showed the left hemisphere an object, then asked a split brain patient what they saw, they would be able to tell you. However, since the right hemisphere cannot speak, if it was shown an object, and you asked, “What did you see?” the left hemisphere would be the one to respond, saying “Nothing.”

This fact is extremely creepy as it reveals a separate mind in a split brain patient’s head that is mute and sentient.

What would you do if you had a split brain? How would you cope with the two hemispheres of your brain constantly fighting over decisions?









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