25 Fascinating Facts

  1. After his death, the inventor of the Frisbee had his ashes molded into Frisbees. [Source]
  2. Twitter, Facebook, and Skype have all been banned in China. [Source]
  3. A DNA survey found that all human DNA is 99.9% the same. [Source]
  4. Some experts believe that dogs can’t feel guilt. [Source]
  5. The human to ant ratio is estimated to be 1 person per 1.6 million ants. [Source]
  6. On Jupiter and Saturn, diamonds fall from the sky. [Source]
  7. Any whole number between 0 and 999 does not have the letter ‘a’ in its name.
  8. Apple Earns $4540 per second. [Source]
  9. Samsung earns approximately $6486 per second. [Same Source as #08]
  10. A third of all murders in USA remain unsolved. [Source]
  11. There is a Japanese village where life sized dolls outnumber people. [Source]
  12. A camel can drink 200L of water in under 3 minutes. [Source]
  13. Until 1809, Finland was a part of Sweden. [Source]
  14. 31% of the world’s uranium is from Australia. [Source]
  15. 95% of people living past the age of 110 are females. [Source]
  16. Some scientists believe that sunshine is as addictive as heroin. [Source]
  17. Most aphids (also known as plant lice) are pregnant from the moment they are first born. [Source]
  18. Boanthropy is a rare psychological disorder that causes people to believes they are cows/cattle. [Source]
  19. The world’s longest tunnel took nearly two decades to build, and 12.2 billion dollars was spent on it. [Source]
  20. Gold is being used to fight cancer. [Source]
  21. In 50 billion years, it is estimated that days will be 1,000 hours long. [Source] [Source2]
  22. If a subject had good table manners, King David I of Scotland would give them tax rebates. [Source]
  23. Cats can sleep between 16 and 20 hours every day. [Source]
  24. Every year, 98% of your atoms are replaced. [Source]
  25. You burn calories faster sleeping than watching television. [Source]

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