More Strange World Records

The World’s Most Expensive Dessert


The world’s most expensive dessert is sold at a restaurant called “Serendipity-3.” The dessert is called “Frrozen Haute Chocolate.” It is made out of 28 different types of cocoa. The cocoa is blended with frozen milk, and it is filled with five grams of 24-carat gold. The dessert is topped with whipped cream and more gold. On top of that, a truffle is flown in from France, and placed on the top of the dessert. The truffle normally costs $2,600 per pound.

It is served in a goblet lined with edible gold that is also decorated with diamonds. The spoon used to eat the meal is made out of gold and diamonds. [Source] [Source]

Most Toilet Seats Broken by the Head in One Minute

A man named Kevin Shelly broke a total of 46 toilet seats with his head in under a minute. He achieved this record in 2007. The video below shows Kevin Shelly breaking the record. [Source] [Source]

The World’s Largest Sushi MosaicSushi Mosaic

The world’s largest sushi mosaic was created by over 100 Sushi chefs in January 2014. The mosaic was built in a skating rink, and it was 37.57 square meters large. It was made out of 20,647 pieces of sushi, which were later eaten by nearby citizens. [Source] [Source]

The Longest Distance Travelled by Unicycle on a Line of BottlesChen Zhongqin_02a11

A man named Chen Zhongqin achieved the record for the longest distance travelled by unicycle on a line of beer bottles in China on January 5th, 2014. He travelled a total of 30.17 meters across the line of bottles. [Source]



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Real Crimes Committed by Dumb Criminals

Tree Cutting Bike Thief

      A man in China tried to steal a bike that was locked to a tree. He then came up with the ingenious idea to cut the tree down. He took out a saw and tried to cut through the wood. It is unknown whether or not he was caught by police, however, a video of him stealing the bike has been posted on YouTube. [Source] [Source]

Leaving Facebook On

      During a burglary, someone entered a woman named Stephanie White’s home. When Stephanie White returned to her home, she found her front door open and a strange car in front of her driveway. It was obvious that whoever owned the car was currently inside of her home, so she took the car owner’s wallet/ID and car keys. She brought them to the police. When the burglar returned to his car, he realized his belongings were missing.

Since the burglar didn’t have his car keys, he needed another way to escape. He tried to swim away in a nearby lake. Then afterwards, he climbed out of the lake and broke into another nearby house. The nearby house owners discovered puddles of water in their house, as well as their laptop being left on. On their laptop, someone had logged into Trevor Jones’ Facebook page. Police believe that Trevor Jones is responsible for both of the burglaries. [Source] [Source]

‘Drug’ Thieves

      A group of three teenage drug thieves broke into a home. They found what they believed was cocaine, and stole it. After snorting the ‘cocaine’, the criminals turned on their television to see a news report about the woman they had stolen from. The news report revealed that the ashes of her father and her two dogs had been stolen. The drug thieves realized the ‘cocaine’ they took was actually the ashes of the home owners Father, and dogs. They threw the ashes in a nearby lake in hopes that they would not be caught. They were all later arrested. [Source] [Source]

Car Thief

      A man named David Andrew Smith had the intention of stealing an iPad and a wallet from a parked, unlocked car. He managed to get into the car, however, he locked himself inside by accident. This led to him getting caught. It was soon discovered that he was under the influence of drugs during the incident. [Source]

Free Beer

      Nineteen criminals were caught because of undercover police officers telling them they could get free beer. The criminals were all told they had to make arrangements with a specific company over the phone, so they could meet and collect their beer. However, when the criminals arrived, they were arrested. All of the nineteen criminals caught were had managed to evade arrest for long periods of time. [Source] [Source]

Unbelievable Things Created Using Science

  1. Mind Controlling Cockroaches

A student at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) created a machine that allowed him to control a cockroach with his mind. The student used his thoughts to move the cockroach through a S and Z shaped course. [Source] [Source]


Space Hotel

The commercial space station was created by a Russian space group called Energia. It is expected to be opened to the public by the end of 2016. The hotel is able to hold up to 7 people, however booking a room, and getting into space will be extremely expensive. (Estimated £100,000 for a five day stay plus £500,000 to travel there.)  [Source] [Source]


Sign Language Translating Gloves

Navid Azodi and Thomas Pryor invented SignAloud gloves. These gloves have the ability to translate  American Sign Language into English. The following video demonstrates the use of the gloves and provides more information about them. [Source] [Source]

Arcaboard – Hoverboard

There is currently a hoverboard (One that floats above the ground, hovering, not a segway) available for purchase. You can get your hands on this hoverboard, named the arcaboard, for $14,900, plus an added $4,500 for a charging accessory. [Source] [Source]


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Blackdown CTC Part 5 – Basic Drill and Ceremonial

Read Parts 1-4 first – Blackdown CTC (Part 1-4)

The eleventh day of camp was originally going to be spent doing biathlon (running and shooting air rifles), however it was too warm outside (nearly 40 °C). Instead, we spent a few hours shooting without being allowed to run.

After this we had an assessment on our ability to preform drill whilst holding a rifle. Although I expected to do horrible on the assessment, I completed it ‘without difficulty’.

The next day, Saturday, was filled with lessons. We also got assessed by our ability to call commands for drill/marching. The majority of our ‘mark’ on the assessment was based off of how loud we could shout. I completed the assessment ‘without difficulty’.

That night, I was able to go home. My parents picked me up during our free time, and brought me back to Blackdown later on Sunday.

I learned on Sunday night that we would be going on an FTX from Monday until Tuesday. (FTX stands for Field Training Exercise. FTXs are generally spent camping/doing activities in a forest.)  When I got back, we had to begin packing our bags.

On Monday, the FTX began. We hiked into the forest with our bags, taking about thirty minutes. Once we arrived, we had to put our things away. Just like most other FTXs we had three people per tent, in tents meant for 2 people.

A large portion of our time on the FTX was spent sitting around. We did learn to use compasses, and we were assessed on our ability to lead a team in the act of putting up and taking down a tent.

That night, I slept horribly. It was extremely warm in our tent due to the fact that there was little ventilation. It was likely over 30°C inside of our tent. However, we couldn’t leave our tent open because mosquitoes and other insects were getting into our tent.

We returned from our FTX the next morning. When we got back, everyone was told to take a mandatory shower. Later that same day, we returned to the pool.

On Wednesday, we went to the ropes course. (The ropes course is an area, in which we had to cross a gap walking on one rope while holding one [two ropes course] or two [three ropes course] other ropes. We also had the option to do the one rope course, in which you had to climb across the gap with a single rope.)

Last year, I did the three ropes course, so this year I decided to try the two ropes course. I had to stand on one rope while holding onto another rope at my arms height. This task would have been simple if it wasn’t for the wind. About three quarters of the way through the course, I fell off due to the wind. (We had a harness on throughout the course.) After the ropes course, we went zip lining.

Thursday was the second last day of camp. The majority of the morning was spent packing, returning parts of our uniform, and practising for graduation parade. During the afternoon, we got to play sports.

On Friday, we spent about an hour marching on graduation parade. Once this ended, we grabbed our belongings, and got ready for the bus ride home.


(until next year?)

Blackdown CTC Part 4 – Basic Drill and Ceremonial

This is the story of my second year at Blackdown CTC. If you would like to read about my first year (3 part story), click the any of the following links:

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Blackdown CTC (Part 1-3)

This Summer, I was accepted to a camp in Blackdown, Borden, with the army cadets. As an army cadet, I was able to choose three different cadet camps that I wanted to attend. (Of course, I could only be accepted to one of them, and there was a large possibility that I wouldn’t be accepted to any of them.) The third option on my list was ‘Basic Drill and Ceremonial’. This was the camp I was accepted into.

(To those who don’t know, drill is marching.)

This camp was set to last three weeks, from July 10th to 29th.

On the first day of camp, I had to endure the normal procedure to get into camp, which involved a lot of waiting in lines. After this process, I entered my tent/bunk for the first time. Within a few hours, I realised I was in the worst possible tent, as the group had already managed to get into trouble multiple times.

When the second day began, we were told to clean our tents – for the entirety of the day. About four hours into the day, when our tent was decently cleaned – floor swept multiple times, dusted, beds made to a specific standard – I was moved into a different tent. Albeit this tent was not as clean, I was glad we weren’t getting lectured every hour. The rest of the day was spent moving my things and cleaning the new tent.

The third day arose, along with activities that didn’t involve cleaning. We spent a few hours being taught lessons on how to be a successful leader, followed by lessons on how to march/do drill with rifles.

On the fourth day, I was able to see the weeks schedule. However, I learned that we wouldn’t be doing much until the second week, except for lessons, cleaning, and drill. After this, we were taught a few lessons about team building games, how to lead a team while playing aforementioned games, and why it’s important to play team building games. This was followed by learning more drill.

Days five and six were basically repeats of day four with slightly different lessons.

Finally, it was the seventh day, the first Sunday of the trip, also the first ‘free-day’.

In Blackdown, every Sunday was a day off for cadets partaking in courses, in which we could stay in Blackdown and be with our friends all day or go home for the day with our parents. I stayed in Blackdown for the day, but I was sleeping for a large portion of my free time, due to the fact that I had only slept 5-6 hours a night for the past week.

Luckily the rest of the trip was much better, as our first activity on Monday was going to a pool outside of Blackdown. A bus drove all of the Basic Drill and Ceremonial cadets to a pool about ten minutes away.

Later in the day, all of the cadets (including me) were assessed on our ability to lead a team. We were assigned a specific ‘team building game’ that we had to teach to a group of other cadets.

When I was assessed, I had to get a group to play the human knot. It was simple enough and I completed the task ‘without difficulty.’ (When you  are assessed, your ‘mark’ is one of the following labels; incomplete, completed with difficulty, completed without difficulty, or exceeded standards.)

On the eighth day, Tuesday, I was brought to to the confidence course (an obstacle course in Blackdown.) After this, we were taught a few more lessons.

Day nine involved a large amount of lessons, while day ten was mostly spent practising drill/marching.


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