Blackdown CTC Part 5 – Basic Drill and Ceremonial

Read Parts 1-4 first – Blackdown CTC (Part 1-4)

The eleventh day of camp was originally going to be spent doing biathlon (running and shooting air rifles), however it was too warm outside (nearly 40 °C). Instead, we spent a few hours shooting without being allowed to run.

After this we had an assessment on our ability to preform drill whilst holding a rifle. Although I expected to do horrible on the assessment, I completed it ‘without difficulty’.

The next day, Saturday, was filled with lessons. We also got assessed by our ability to call commands for drill/marching. The majority of our ‘mark’ on the assessment was based off of how loud we could shout. I completed the assessment ‘without difficulty’.

That night, I was able to go home. My parents picked me up during our free time, and brought me back to Blackdown later on Sunday.

I learned on Sunday night that we would be going on an FTX from Monday until Tuesday. (FTX stands for Field Training Exercise. FTXs are generally spent camping/doing activities in a forest.)  When I got back, we had to begin packing our bags.

On Monday, the FTX began. We hiked into the forest with our bags, taking about thirty minutes. Once we arrived, we had to put our things away. Just like most other FTXs we had three people per tent, in tents meant for 2 people.

A large portion of our time on the FTX was spent sitting around. We did learn to use compasses, and we were assessed on our ability to lead a team in the act of putting up and taking down a tent.

That night, I slept horribly. It was extremely warm in our tent due to the fact that there was little ventilation. It was likely over 30°C inside of our tent. However, we couldn’t leave our tent open because mosquitoes and other insects were getting into our tent.

We returned from our FTX the next morning. When we got back, everyone was told to take a mandatory shower. Later that same day, we returned to the pool.

On Wednesday, we went to the ropes course. (The ropes course is an area, in which we had to cross a gap walking on one rope while holding one [two ropes course] or two [three ropes course] other ropes. We also had the option to do the one rope course, in which you had to climb across the gap with a single rope.)

Last year, I did the three ropes course, so this year I decided to try the two ropes course. I had to stand on one rope while holding onto another rope at my arms height. This task would have been simple if it wasn’t for the wind. About three quarters of the way through the course, I fell off due to the wind. (We had a harness on throughout the course.) After the ropes course, we went zip lining.

Thursday was the second last day of camp. The majority of the morning was spent packing, returning parts of our uniform, and practising for graduation parade. During the afternoon, we got to play sports.

On Friday, we spent about an hour marching on graduation parade. Once this ended, we grabbed our belongings, and got ready for the bus ride home.


(until next year?)


2 thoughts on “Blackdown CTC Part 5 – Basic Drill and Ceremonial

  1. Patricia Stewart

    Hey, I found this blog by chance, and it’s really cool you decided to write down what we did at camp (I was on the same course as you). I do want to mention that the second time we went to the pool was Wednesday morning, and then after lunch we did the sports day. That’s all I wanted to say. Thanks for putting the camp experience on your blog.

    P.S. E c h o echo echo runs the show, D e l t a delta delta fly away!

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