Real Crimes Committed by Dumb Criminals

Tree Cutting Bike Thief

      A man in China tried to steal a bike that was locked to a tree. He then came up with the ingenious idea to cut the tree down. He took out a saw and tried to cut through the wood. It is unknown whether or not he was caught by police, however, a video of him stealing the bike has been posted on YouTube. [Source] [Source]

Leaving Facebook On

      During a burglary, someone entered a woman named Stephanie White’s home. When Stephanie White returned to her home, she found her front door open and a strange car in front of her driveway. It was obvious that whoever owned the car was currently inside of her home, so she took the car owner’s wallet/ID and car keys. She brought them to the police. When the burglar returned to his car, he realized his belongings were missing.

Since the burglar didn’t have his car keys, he needed another way to escape. He tried to swim away in a nearby lake. Then afterwards, he climbed out of the lake and broke into another nearby house. The nearby house owners discovered puddles of water in their house, as well as their laptop being left on. On their laptop, someone had logged into Trevor Jones’ Facebook page. Police believe that Trevor Jones is responsible for both of the burglaries. [Source] [Source]

‘Drug’ Thieves

      A group of three teenage drug thieves broke into a home. They found what they believed was cocaine, and stole it. After snorting the ‘cocaine’, the criminals turned on their television to see a news report about the woman they had stolen from. The news report revealed that the ashes of her father and her two dogs had been stolen. The drug thieves realized the ‘cocaine’ they took was actually the ashes of the home owners Father, and dogs. They threw the ashes in a nearby lake in hopes that they would not be caught. They were all later arrested. [Source] [Source]

Car Thief

      A man named David Andrew Smith had the intention of stealing an iPad and a wallet from a parked, unlocked car. He managed to get into the car, however, he locked himself inside by accident. This led to him getting caught. It was soon discovered that he was under the influence of drugs during the incident. [Source]

Free Beer

      Nineteen criminals were caught because of undercover police officers telling them they could get free beer. The criminals were all told they had to make arrangements with a specific company over the phone, so they could meet and collect their beer. However, when the criminals arrived, they were arrested. All of the nineteen criminals caught were had managed to evade arrest for long periods of time. [Source] [Source]


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