The World’s Most Dangerous Amusement Park

Action Park was known as one of the world’s most dangerous amusement parks, with 6 total deaths and many more injuries. The park included dangerous rides such as a water slide with a loop in it. (Source) (Source)

Below is a list of some of the most dangerous rides at Action Park.

The Alpine Slide

The alpine slide involved riding a plastic sled and sliding down a concrete track controlled only by a hand-brake. Using the hand brake, the rider could travel at an extremely slow, or extremely fast speed. When travelling at high speeds on the ride, one could crash through the rides barriers (Made of hay bales), and land in the hillside’s rocks. The ride has resulted in 14 Fractures and 26 head injuries. (Source) (Source)

It was closed after one year, and a safer version of the ride, known as the Alpine Coaster was opened. (Source)

Battle Action Tanks

This attraction involved riding in a small tank with tennis ball cannons that could shoot at other tanks. If hit, the tanks would stop moving for 15 seconds. People watching the tanks could shoot from outside of the arena for a small fee. Sometimes, a tank would stop working altogether, and employees would have to enter the arena to fix them. Many people would shoot tennis balls from the outside of the arena at the employees while they were fixing the tanks (Despite signs warning them not to.) (Source) (Source)


The ‘Grave’ Pool

The tidal wave pool at Action Park was 30 metres wide, 76 metres long, and 8 feet deep. At any given moment, there were twelve life guards on duty. On certain weekends, the lifeguards rescued as many as thirty people. After a visitor died in the pool in 1982, it was nicknamed ‘The Grave Pool.’ Another person drowned in the same pool five years later. (Source) (Source)

Cannonball Loop

Cannonball Loop.jpg

The cannonball loop was one of the most dangerous rides at Action Park. The water slide contained a full loop that lead to many injuries. The ride was shut down within a month of being open. Many employees who tested the ride were bribed into doing so. Very few people have gone on this ride. One person who went on it claims they got stuck at the top of the loop, and nearly fell unconscious before making their way to the bottom. (Source)

Action Park Is Still Around

Action Park closed in 1995 due to safety violations, lawsuits, and bad press. Three years later, a company purchased Action Park and reopened it. Most of the rides were replaced with safer ones. The Alpine Slide became the alpine coaster, which is now attached to tracks so it can’t crash, and the Cannonball loop was set to reopen this year, under the name ‘Sky Caliber.’ (Source) (Source)

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