Three Strange Criminal Sentences

This article is about three strange punishments assigned by judges. This list includes the story of a woman who was forced to hold a sign labelling herself an idiot, the man who had to post 466 apologies on Twitter, and the judge who arrested the entire courtroom because of a phone alert.

3. 466 Twitter Apologies

A man who posted insults about two French politicians on Twitter was ordered to create 466 apology tweets. The number of apologies corresponded to the number of people following him on Twitter. For each apology that was not posted, he was fined  €100. The apologies, translated into English, said, ‘I have severely insulted Jean-Francois Cope and Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet. I regret and apologise.’ (Source) (Source)

2. Woman Forced to Hold ‘Idiot’ Sign

A woman in Cleveland decided to drive on a sidewalk instead of on the road, as she did not want to wait for a school bus to pass. Her driving was caught on video, as seen below:

Some witnesses claim she did this on a daily basis. As a result of her reckless driving, she was forced to hold a sign reading, ‘Only an idiot would drive on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus,’ during two days of morning traffic rush, for a total of 120 minutes. She also had to pay a $250 fine. (Source) (Source)


1. Judge Arrests Entire Courtroom

A judge in US had a horrible reaction to a phone alert coming from an unknown person in the courtroom. Since the judge did not know whose phone went off, he planned to arrest everyone in the room, unless the phone was turned over. (Source) (Source)

After the judge said this, an officer stood at the door to keep people from leaving, while other officers searched for the phone. They did not find it, and the judge attempted to follow up on his threat, placing bail for each of the 46 people in the courtroom at $1,500. (Source) (Source) (Source)

According to the report, a man complained about the punishment not being fair, to which the judge responded, “I know it isn’t.” (Source)

Fourteen people were unable to pay the bail money and were sent to Niagra County Jail however, they were released later that day. (Source)

The judge said this occurred as a result of stress in his personal life. (Source)

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6 thoughts on “Three Strange Criminal Sentences

  1. The last sentence was (in my opinion) definitely over the top. I’ll bet the judge never considered that the phone notification may have come from one of his officers of the court phones. He had the courtroom guests searched, but no mention of searching his own people. I hope he has since resolved his personal issues at home. Similar rulings could cause him far more damage then the one he leveled on the people in courtroom.

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