Criminals Caught by Social Media

Criminal Forgot to Log Out of Facebook

At an internet Cafe in Columbia, two men attempted an armed robbery. Prior to their attempt, they pretended to be customers and used the Wi-Fi. After they were done on their computers, they walked up to the cashier and assaulted a man before demanding money. The two criminals fled the scene on a stolen motorcycle. It was soon discovered that one of the criminals forgot to log out of their Facebook account before fleeing the scene. The police used the information from the man’s Facebook account to find and arrest him. (Source) (Source)

Michael Baker – Stealing Gasoline
Michael Baker.jpg

A man named Michael Baker posted a photo of himself stealing gas from a cop car to Facebook. He was caught after police found the picture. He has since taken the picture down from his Facebook page. (Source) (Source)

He was later arrested, and he spent a night in jail. (Source)

Chris Crego – Public Facebook Page

In the year 2009, a man named Chris Crego fled from the police after a bar-fight. When detectives started looking for Chris, they found his Facebook page. Chris had been constantly updating his Facebook status while the detectives were looking for him, making it easy for them to track him down.

The detectives were able to find out where Chris worked, where he lived, and even the hours of the day he was at work. One police officer stated, “If it wasn’t for criminals like him our job would be a lot harder.” (Source) (Source)

Mac Yearwood – Wanted Poster

A man from Florida named Mac Yearwood was suspected of criminal battery. Since the suspect did not stay at the scene of the crime, police released a wanted poster for Mac Yearwood, which Mac decided to use as his profile picture on Facebook. Not only that but when somebody commented on Mac’s photo advising him to remove the photo, Mac replied, “…at least they won’t come get me in Tenessee.” Tenessee was the town in which Mac lived. When officers arrested Mac, a bag of marijuana fell out of his pocket. This all led to charges of drug possession as well as allegations of criminal battery. (Source) (Source)




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