Three Strange Plants


Rafflesia (Corpse Flower)rafflesia

The rafflesia flower is the world’s largest flower. It can weigh up to eleven kilograms. The plant is very rare and is nearly extinct. (Source)

The rafflesia flower is also one of the worst smelling flowers in the world. It has been nicknamed ‘the corpse flower’ because of its distinct, corpse-like smell. (Source)

The flower has no roots, leaves, or stalks. Instead, it lives like a parasite, relying on vines for its survival.


Baobab Tree (Bottle Tree)

The Baobab tree is a species over 200 million years old. They are found in 32 different African countries. These trees are often called bottle trees because they can hold up to 300 litres of water. (Source) (Source)

The tree can live up to 5,000 years, and they can reach heights of 50 metres.

White Baneberry (Doll’s Eyes)Baneberry.jpg

White Baneberries are nicknamed doll’s eyes because of their strange appearance. The berries are extremely poisonous. Eating as little as six of them could lead to extreme illness, or even death. They are very common. (Source) (Source)

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4 Hidden Downsides to Recycling


Many reports are released each year saying that we are recycling more and more materials, when in reality, we are only recycling more because we are using more. In this modern-era, companies use our growing consumption of materials (that destroy the environment) as an advertising ploy to claim they are eco-friendly. Although it is still a good idea to recycle some waste, it is not as helpful as people are led to believe.



Recycling isn’t always the best option. In fact, many of the plastic materials with the ‘recyclable’ sign on them are actually not recyclable. An example would be plastic bags. Less than one percent of these bags are ever recycled. One ton of plastic bags can be recycled for $4,000 (USD), yet one ton of plastic bags resells for $32. Because of this, 300,000 tons of plastic bags are left in landfills every year.

There are seven different types of plastic, and only two of those types of plastic can be properly recycled. Even when plastics aren’t a part of these five types, it doesn’t stop companies from putting recyclable signs on the product. Putting the wrong types of plastic into the recycling bin can waste resources, because before being put into a landfill, all of the plastics are collected, processed, and stored.


When recycling oil, many harmful chemicals are being released into the air. Most of the time, when oil is being recycled, a method called the acid-clay process is used. This process separates the dangerous chemicals and impurities from the oil, however, it leaves behind a toxic sludge. This sludge is usually burnt, creating air pollution.


Products that have impurities or dangerous toxins in them can often be recycled, without the removal of the toxins. An example of the horrible effects of this would be hundreds of the buildings in Taiwan. It was recently discovered that these buildings were made from a recycled steel, and that a chemical in the steel had been giving people gamma radiation poisoning for over 12 years.


Despite these downsides, recycling is still a good thing. It is just best to research to make sure an item is actually recyclable before throwing it away. What are your opinions on recycling? Do you think the downsides to recycling should be more commonly known, or do you think they should stay hidden so people continue to recycle? Leave a comment with your ideas.

The Worst Animal Mothers


Pandas can be good mothers. They can care for a cub, feed it, and keep it safe. That is, unless the Mother has twins.



The Mother decides which of the twin pandas is the weakest, and she abandons it. An example of a panda who did this would be the National Zoo’s panda, named Mei Xiang. When Mei gave birth to two twin pandas, the zookeepers realized the smaller panda had been regurgitating food and struggling to gain weight. Mei would not care for the smaller panda, despite the zoo’s efforts. After only one week, the smaller panda tragically died.

However, there is a reason for panda mothers abandoning one of their twins. An average panda can eat up to 30 pounds of bamboo in a day. Since it would be too difficult for a mother panda to feed and care for two cubs, they abandon one. Not only that, but mother pandas have a limited amount of milk production, so it is extremely difficult for a mother panda to feed two babies.

Burying Beetles

At least pandas abandon their young instead of killing them… Burying Beetles eat their children.

Burying Beetlez.jpg


The burying beetles usually live inside the bodies of dead mice. The beetles dig through the mouse until it is hollow. However, things get worse. If there isn’t enough food for the beetles to eat, the beetle who doesn’t get food is killed and shared among the family as a meal.

When these beetles aren’t eating their brothers, sisters, or children, they usually eat the mouse carcass they live in.

Tasmanian Devils

The female tasmanian devil is able to give birth to nearly 50 children, however only (approximately) 4 of them ever survive.

tas man ian

The Mother is only able to feed four of her children at a time, so when her fifty children are born, they fight over her. The four children left standing after a gruesome fight survive. If any of the tasmanian devils leave the fight, they starve to death within hours.

On the other side of the spectrum, there is the species with the best Mothers…


Our Mothers take care of us for many of the stages of our life, and they are truly amazing. They are the best*.

Happy Mother’s Day!

*Human mothers truly are the best… Unless you count wolf spider’s mothers.

Wolf spiders ride around on their Mother’s backs for a large majority of their life, including when they are still inside their eggs. Until they have grown to an old enough age, the spider babies almost never get off their Mother’s back.

But that’s besides the point… Our Mother’s are still amazing.

Which of these animals do you think is the worst? Leave a comment with your response!