Strange Christmas Traditions

Some of this information has already been mentioned in my previous blog 50 Facts – Christmas.

Christmas traditions differ depending on where you live. In this blog, I will be talking about what Christmas is like around the world.

Caganer (Spanish)


Caganer is part of nativity scenes in Spanish tradition. He appears in many nativity scenes, behind the animals, while wearing old fashioned Spanish clothing. He is seen doing ‘number 2’, and his name roughly translates to ‘pooper’. It is not commonly known where this character originated. Some people speculate that Caganer was added to make the scene more realistic, as someone must have needed to do their business during their time in Jesus’ manger.

Japan’s KFC (Japanese)

Although only 1% of Japanese people celebrate Christmas, everyone loves to order from KFC (A famous fast food restaurant that serves fried chicken. KFC stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken.) A famous KFC ad campaign is what started the Christmas tradition. Now in Japan, you have to order your ‘Christmas KFC’ two months before Christmas to even get a chance at eating it. If you didn’t order your food in advance, you can wait in a line that can take up to 15 hours!

Will The Goat Survive, or Will it be Burned? (Sweden)


In  Sweden, a town called Gävle spends their Christmas building, and sometimes destroying, this large straw goat. On December 1st, 1967, the giant straw goat was built. After only a few weeks, the goat was burned. Every year, the goat is rebuilt, and every year vandals attempt to burn it down. People have gone as far as to start betting on the goats survival. The vandals use new strategies to burn the goat each year, as the townsfolk attempt to stop them. In 2010, a guard was bribed with $7,000! Then, a helicopter took the goat to Stolkholm, where they planned to burn it. The goat was then stolen from the vandals, and returned to the town.

Last year in 2014, the town had roads closed so that traffic would flood onto the road were the goat was in sight. That way, the townsfolk could watch to make sure the goat wasn’t burnt. Guards were also brought in to help.

Many people outside of Gävle have been keeping watch over the goat, using his website which is available in multiple languages. You can also follow him on Twitter or Instagram!

Here is a video of the goat burning that was captured on film:




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50 Facts – Christmas

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  1. Some scientists have concluded that if there ever was a real red-nosed reindeer, it’s nose’s colour would have been caused by a parasitic infection in it’s respiratory system.
  2. 2 billion Christmas cards are sent every year from America!
  3. The two weeks before Christmas are the two weeks in which the most couple breakups happen on Facebook.
  4. Christmas trees were first used in the 16th Century!
  5. Santa used to be represented as a strong, muscular man, who was a symbol of punishments and discipline. He was also seen holding a large wooden rod.
  6. Christmas trees used to be decorated with apples.
  7. A sixth of all retail sales are for Christmas presents (in North America).
  8. The jolly version of Santa Clause we know today originated in a newspaper ad for a toy store.
  9. The song “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” was originally used to threaten people. The lower class sang this song loudly, until they were given alcohol.
  10. If Santa visited every home on Earth to deliver presents, he would have to move at a speed of 882 homes per second.
  11. The use of stockings originated from a strange Dutch tradition. On Christmas Eve, kids would leave their shoes outside, filled with food for the reindeers. Then Santa would fill the shoes with toys and candy.
  12. Fake upside down Christmas trees exist in some parts of the world. People use hem to fit more Christmas presents under the tree.
  13. All letters sent to Santa go to Santa Clause, Indiana.
  14. Horror stories used to be told on Christmas Eve, although the tradition died down in the past century.
  15. Watching Donald Duck cartoons on Christmas Eve is a popular Swedish tradition.
  16. Some famous Christmas songs like ‘Winter Wonderland’, ‘Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Campfire’, and ‘I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas’ were written by people who didn’t celebrate Christmas.
  17. On a Christmas during WWI, Germany and UK held a truce. They exchanged gifts with each other across no man’s land, and played football.
  18. Hitler attempted to turn Christmas into a non religious holiday, in which people celebrate ‘the coming of Hitler’. He wanted the star on top of Christmas trees to be replaced with swastika ornaments.
  19. In Japan, most people eat KFC for their Christmas dinner. In fact, KFC is so popular around this time, you have to order your dinner 2 months in advance.
  20. Mistletoe meant ‘dung twig’ in Old English.
  21. Jingle bells was the first song ever sung in space.
  22. In Finland, people don’t think Santa rides a sleigh, or that he has reindeer. They think Santa rides a goat!
  23. Jingle bells was intended to be a Thanksgiving song.
  24. Fake Christmas trees have been more popular than real ones since 1991.
  25. Nova Scotia is the place that exports the most Christmas trees.
  26. France gave USA the biggest Christmas present ever. It was the Statue of Liberty.
  27. One in three people celebrate Christmas.
  28. The most popular Christmas song is ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’, though the original writer is unknown.
  29. Christmas isn’t necessarily Jesus’s birthday. Historians don’t know the exact date Jesus was born because the bible doesn’t mention one.
  30. Seven out of ten dogs receive Christmas presents.
  31. Ukrainian Christmas trees are often decorated with fake spider webs.
  32. If time zones are a factor, Santa has up to 31 hours to deliver presents.
  33. During the Christmas season, Visa cards are used 5,340 times per minute.
  34. Four hundred thousand people get sick every year from expired  Christmas leftovers.
  35. Sears stores once put out an ad, with ‘Santa’s phone number’. Children were supposed to call the number and tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas. However, they accidentally made a typo, and the children ended up calling Colonel Shoup from the Colorado Springs Continental Air Force Command.
  36. Christmas celebrations were illegal in many countries, with the laws only being lifted last century.
  37. 28% of people re-gift presents.
  38. The world’s largest Christmas cracker is 45.72 meters long.
  39. In many parts of India, Christmas trees are decorated with bananas.
  40. Over 1,000,000 plots of land are used by Christmas tree farms.
  41. The most expensive Christmas tree ever sold cost  nearly 11 million dollars.
  42. The first artificial Christmas tree was made of goose feathers.
  43. One in ten presents will be broken before the New Year.
  44. Santa’s suit originates from a Coca Cola ad.
  45. Many church leaders in Boston tried to ban the song ‘I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause’ in the 1950s.
  46. Many zoos feed their animals donated Christmas trees.
  47. Rudolph and all the other reindeer must be female, as male reindeer shed their antlers in the winter.
  48. Santa has to visit 842,000,000 houses, and he has to travel at 4,796,250 miles per hour.
  49. Each Christmas tree can take up to 15 years to grow.
  50. Santa’s zip code is H0H 0H0.

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