Prison Escape ~ Choi Gap-Bok

Choi Gap-Bok was a man who was very skilled at yoga. In fact, he had practised yoga for nearly 23 years. This man was 50 years old when he was arrested because he was under suspicion of robbery. He had been in and out of jail for a large portion of his life, but on September 17th he escaped his prison cell.

To escape his cell, he received lotion and covered himself. Next, he walked up to the 5.9 inch tall, 17.7 inch wide food slot and slipped through. This took him only 30 seconds! He managed to do this while the guards were sleeping.

Prison Cell

After he escaped his cell, he climbed out of a window in the prison. He then entered a residential home and stole a credit card and car keys. After traveling a short distance, he abandoned the car and ran into Mount Nam. He moved through the mountains at night, and hid  during the day to avoid the police.

A note written by Choi Gap-Bok was found in a village saying “I am Sorry, signed Framed Thief Choi Gap-Bok”. The police managed to find him near the village, and he was caught.

He still claims that he is innocent, and that he was framed. However, he was returned to the prison. His new cell has a much smaller food slot.
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Prison Escape – Moondyne Joe


Moondyne Joe, also known as Joseph Bolitho Johns, was born in 1826. He was a famous criminal in Western Australia during his time. He was originally sent to jail because he was a thief.  It was 1848 when Moondyne Joe and his friend, William Cross were caught for stealing food. They were both sentenced to two years in prison. The pair of thieves were transferred from prison to prison. In April of 1853, they were released from the prison. It didn’t take long for Moondyne Joe to get himself arrested again. He was arrested for stealing a horse.

The Horse Thief

Moondyne Joe was on the run to avoid the penalty for stealing the horse. The authorities had been tracking him down and they caught him after a mere 2 days. His personal possessions were sold for under 20 cents (Canadian dollars), and he was sent to jail for another 3 years. Yet again, he waited out his sentence. He later received work as a charcoal burner. However, it didn’t take much time for him to lose his freedom yet again.

Ox Murder

In 1865, Moondyne Joe was blamed for shooting and killing an ox. Despite the little evidence, and his claims of innocence, he was arrested. He was given another 10 year long sentence. Unlike his other crimes, from whence he claimed he was guilty, he vowed to escape the prison as he believed the punishment was unjust. He followed through with his claims, and he escaped.

Moondyne Joe’s Burglary Spree

Moondyne Joe and one of his fellow inmates had escaped from the prison and they went around the town preforming burglaries. He got away with this for two months! When the authorities finally caught him, he was placed in solitary confinement. He was placed in a specially made cell that was extremely reinforced. He was allowed to go outside to exercise, and he used this opportunity to escape. He spent two entire years trying to hide himself.

The Wine Cellar

Moondyne Joe was caught once again, whilst stealing from a wine cellar. In 1871, he was pardoned for this crime. He then ended his criminal career.

Jack Shepard – Prison Escape

Jack Shepard was talented in the art of breaking out of prisons. During the 18th Century, his escapes made him a celebrity. He was admired by the public, and almost everybody knew who he was. He had three famous prison escapes throughout history, each more amazing than the last.

The First Escape – 1723

In 1723 Jack made his first escape. He was sent to jail for pick-pocketing. He was visited many times by his wife named Bess Lyon. Soon, Bess was sent to the same prison. They were sent to the same cell, in which they agreed to attempt to escape.

He removed one iron and one wooden bar from the cells window, and tied his bed sheets together to climb out. He climbed a total of 22 feet down the wall to complete their grand escape.

The Second Escape – 1724

Jack had returned to prison because he was convicted of burglary. He had a death sentence. In his new cell, he found a hidden hatch. The hatch was connected to a tunnel leading to a different empty cell. One of Jack’s friends appeared at the prison and distracted the guards, while Jack filed the bottom of the bars into a spike shape. He broke the bar and exited through the empty cell.

The Third Escape – 1724

Only months after Jack’s escape, he was found and returned to jail, to preform his next, most famous, escape. His new cell was extremely confined. He was handcuffed and he had a metal piece holding his legs to each other, and the floor. On top of that, a metal door with many locks was holding him in.

Jack then used his teeth to pull a lose nail from the metal door. He then slipped his hands out of his handcuffs. He took the loose nail and pick the lock securing his legs to the floor. He forced several locks to break, until the door opened. He then scaled onto the prison roof, and used his blanket to climb down to a neighbouring roof. He climbed down from that roof, and he got away.

Keep in mind, at the time he was unable to disconnect the metal holding his legs together, so he preformed the entire escape without the ability to separate his legs. He did however, go to a local shoemaker later, to get the metal removed.


Jack was hung after he was re-captured a final time. He had a plan to escape the hanging but it was unsuccessful. What do you think of Jack Shepard’s criminal life? Do you think he would have accomplished these escapes in a 21st Century prison? Leave a comment, and make sure to follow!

Alcatraz – Prison Escape


In this post, I will be telling you about the group that escaped Alcatraz successfully. There have been a total of 36 prisoners who attempted a total of 14 escapes, with 23 of these people being captured, and the rest either dead or part of the group that escaped.


Alcatraz was thought to be an inescapable prison. It was located on San Francisco Bay. It was extremely protected. Now, it has been abandoned, yet it is still open for tours.


There were a total of 3 people who successfully escaped in a group. They were Frank Morris, John Anglin, and Clarence Anglin. Frank was abandoned by his parents as a child. He was an orphan for many years of his life. Later, he was sent to jail because he committed car thefts and armed robberies. John and Clarence were born in a family of 14 children. Half of them were boys, and half were girls. They attempted to rob the Bank of Columbia, but they were sent to jail. After they escaped and were re-captured, they were sent to Alcatraz.

A man named Allan West helped them escape, but he did not go with them. He was never punished for his assistance in the escape. He was sent to Alcatraz after he made an unsuccessful escape attempt in Florida State Prison.


The escape took place during June of 1962. The escape took place on the night of June 11th and the morning of June 12th. The men had been planning their escape since December 1961.


Morris was in charge of the group. He had found old saw blades in the prisons grounds. They spent 6 months using the saws to expand the ventilation duct openings. The ducts eventually became big enough for the group to crawl through. They used random items they found lying around the prison to conceal their work. They were able to escape through the vent onto the roof. On the roof, they stored stolen materials to help them escape. They stole around fifty raincoats to make a raft and life preservers. They also built wooden paddles.

The last thing they built before they escaped was fake heads. Soap and toilet paper was combined to form the head shape. They then used their hair to make the heads more realistic. The heads were used with towels hidden underneath blankets. This was meant to trick the guards watching the group. The guards wouldn’t realise that the escapees weren’t in bed. On the night of the escape, they climbed through the opening in the vent, got onto the roof, and they climbed down 50 feet by sliding down a kitchen vent pipe. They managed to climb two 12 foot electric, barbed-wire fences, and they escaped in their raft through a blind spot in the shooting towers.


After the brilliant plan was executed, all of the criminals got away. They haven’t been found yet. Many people believe that the group simply drowned, but it has never been proven, despite the many investigations. What do you think happened to this group? Leave your answer in the comments! Thanks for reading, and make sure to leave a like!