Rant – Simple Grammar Mistakes

Grammar is the difference between “Let’s eat, Dad.” or “Let’s eat Dad.” Grammar can entirely change the meaning of a sentence. Grammar can make a piece of writing excel, however, if one does not know how to use it properly, it can ruin the fluency of reading. I am bothered most by the fact that the grammar failures I see many people make are extremely simple.

Y, R, and U are letters not words. They are written why, are, and you. (As in; why are you so horrible at grammar.) I despise when people write like this. It takes half of a second more to write the entire word. It only takes pressing two more buttons on a keyboard, or writing two more letters with a pencil/pen.

Sentences, names, dates, and many other words start with CAPITAL LETTERS! Maybe, people don’t understand how the Caps Lock button works. If you press the Caps Lock button, EVERY LETTER YOU WRITE WILL BE CAPITALIZED. If you hold the Shift key, letters you write will be capitalized while you hold the key down. It isn’t complicated at all, so learn how to do it!

Contractions are when you use apostrophes to combine words. For example; they’re, you’re, or haven’t. I find it torturous to read sentences that use the word ‘your’ in sentences like “Your terrible at grammar.” Your is defined as “belonging to or associated with the person or people that the speaker is addressing.” (Thanks for the definition Google.) You’re is short for you are.”

One thing about these simple grammar mistakes I truly hate, is that people blame auto-correct for most of their failures. They need to be introduced to a simple action known as proofreading. If you don’t know what proofreading is, I suggest you return to the first grade.