Time Travel Evidence

Time travel is a common topic in the science fiction genre. However, across the internet, you can find proof of several different time travellers. In this blog, I will show “proof” of time travel, and explain why people argue that it is true/false.

The Time Travelling Hipster

Time travelling Hipster

The picture has been proven to have been taken in the year 1941, and it has not been modified. It was taken at the re-opening of the South Forks bridge, in Gold Bridge, British Columbia. It looks like a pretty convincing photo proving time travel. The story behind the photo says that the time traveller was accidentally photographed.

Why it Could be Real

His hairstyle couldn’t have been created in his time period. Hair salons only had brushes and combs at the time, but the alleged time traveller obviously used other modern hair styling items. Also, the design of his sunglasses didn’t exist until later on in time. His t-shirt wasn’t possible because ink presses for shirts also didn’t exist at the time. Some people believe the object in his hand is a digital camera.

Why it Could be Fake

The digital camera people think he is holding is actually a handheld camera, that existed in those times. His sweater seems like he had extra material sowed on for warmth, as the area the picture was taken, was a colder place. His t-shirt wasn’t created by an ink press, a patch that the local hockey team wore was sowed onto his shirt. We know he is a hockey player, so his hair style can be explained by the crazily designed helmets of the time. The glasses were actually invented to prevent snow blindness while playing hockey.

The Watch


In 2008, archaeologists in China decided to open an undisturbed 400 year old tomb. They removed the front of the coffin and looked inside. While searching through the soil in the coffin, they found the piece of metal shown in the image above. Four hundred years ago watches obviously didn’t exist, but this piece of metal was shaped exactly like one. It was marked at the time 10:06 with the word ‘Swiss’ engraved on the back. Since the tomb had been undisturbed for 400 years, people claimed that it was a time traveller.

Why it Could be Fake

The watch was only proven to be a maximum of 100 years old. The scientists could have gotten the age of the coffin wrong, or the coffin could have already been opened by undetected grave robbers.


Older Movies Using Cell-Phones GIF of the future

This image is from an older movie, that existed long before cell phones. However, in the image it appears one person has a cell phone that they are talking into. Many older movies actually appear to have cell phones in them. Many people think that the people with cell phones are actually time travellers.

Why it Could be Fake

Many experts believe that these people are actually using an old fashioned hearing aid. The hearing aid was called an ear trumpet. Ear trumpets look like this:

Image result for what is an ear trumpet


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