What’s New?

Most recent updates to the website, for those who want to know what has changed.

3rd of April, 2017

-Removed live chat

27th of February, 2016

-Added live chat

-Replaced home page with post archive

——Older Updates——

26th of February, 2016

-Blue theme

-Changed Header

-Changed Font

11th of January, 2016

-Orange theme.

-Removed new Year’s pages.

31st of December, 2015

-Removed Christmas Theme.

-New Years preparation.

20th of December, 2015

-Christmas-ified the website. Snow and red/green backgrounds added.

-Edited menus, added drop-down menus.

-‘Categories’ and ‘Most Recent Posts’ added to side bar.

-Removed broken links in “Unexplained Events